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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. SCREAM.

    Carole did that.
  2. Bethenny deserves everything she's getting from Carole. How many needlessly bitchy moments did we spot in the latest episode? At one point she alludes to Carole being a 'puppet' (agreeing with Ramona in the confessional) and going on to say Carole has no career. Now I agree that Adam is probably quite resourceful in his social climbing, but who can really afford to take a week off without pay? I get it. I'd also like Carole to start writing again, instead of swanning around with her boyfriend. I'm very happy to see this side to Carole, and I hope it continues. Goodness, we actually got to see her in the office of a magazine.
  3. Yes. Honestly, this is the feud that I never knew I needed. It’s interesting because Bethenny’s past few feuds have always been with the women who are a little crazy or delusional and thus make her look normal aka Ramona, Sonja, LuAnn. But Carole is a laid back but will cut you if she needs to kind of girl which we’ve never seen up against Bethenny. And I’m enjoying it.

    I agree with Carole. I think Bethenny is purposely aligning herself against Carole and Tinsley for whatever reason because it just seemed odd that she was so suddenly invested in the Sonja/Tinsley situation. And then having a go at Carole for jumping in the argument when she just did the same thing? And yes, saying Carole had no career was a LOW blow that I didn’t think Bethenny would make.

    That being said, Bethenny’s work in Puerto Rico is truly remarkable and she deserves all the praise for that.
  4. This really is the feud you dream of on Real Housewives because it's two of the most intelligent, well-spoken wives against each other. Two women who built careers for themselves and for whom, resumes are everything.
  5. The look on Bethenney's face when Carole used her "get off my jock" insult. Oh it was fabulous.
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  6. I guess that's another reason why I love NY so much: even though Bethenny has definitely been favored by the producer so much and being the "star" of the show, other girls don't have to be friends with her that badly compared to other veterans on other franchises (especially BH, I couldn't stand that every newbie has to be friend with LVP). Even Bethenny has to find alliances, so I guess Sonja and Luann is kinda hers this season.
  7. Carole being called the dud, the bore, and the whimp of the NY ladies for years has literally all been undone in the span of 6 episodes! This series is so far and above the others it's not even funny. The way they fight and move on so quickly. Ramona vs. Sonja, Lu vs. Carole, Tinsley vs. Sonja, or Dorinda vs. Sonja would have each spanned the entire season if it were BH or OC, and they all wrap up in ONE week on NY. Then you have overarching battles like Carole vs. Bethenny that has real depth and friendship in the mix. All the while making me laugh regularly. Ramona's Lumann digs, and Lu's facial expressions had me cackling. It is so ironic seeing Bethenny's two closest allies be two she has sparred the fiercest with (Sonja and Lu).
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  8. This season of NY is truly special. More so than the last. I know we all love the last season of New York but I felt like it was a bit meandering until the Mexico trip. The Bethenny-Ramona fight didn't feel real enough and we didn't have Lu's divorce to have the 20/20 on her marriage, really.

    This season is just firing on all cylinders. It's an amazing feat. Every episode so far has had something to offer. Let's hope they keep it up.
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  9. Yes, this season of RHONY is like season 3: The Redux.
  10. I'm already salivating about the mid-season trailer. It's coming up so soon! The Columbia trip will surely be a goldmine.
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  11. NYC never disappoints. Even it’s worst season still has a glimmer of drama/interest/something!
  12. I hate Carole and agree with everything Bethenny said about her, but that entire blog is A READ HONEY
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  13. I didn't think we could top the last few seasons of NY but this is truly one for the history books. We're only on episode 7 and we've already had basically an entire jamp-packed season unfold. By episode 7 of last season of OC, all the ladies hadn't even gotten in a room together yet.

    Bethenny v. Carole is honestly the most delicious housewives fight we've had in years. Bethenny vs anyone else always feels like punching down, but she's finally met her match in Radzi. Not only is Carole so much more rooted in reality, she's so confident and unshakeable that she will have Bethenny unravelling at the seams by the time the reunion comes along.. Carole's blog alone this week was savage.

    I can't believe we still have so much to come. Another weekend in the Berkshires, Lu's arrest & fallout, the Jill Zarin return, the sinking tugboat in Colombia,... I mean they were still filming in Dubai a week ago.. NYC should honestly be 30 episodes long every year and I would love every second.
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  14. I didn’t realise it in the episode but after reading Carole’s blog, I do find it a bit odd that Bethenny would go directly to Adam? Like if I thought of getting one of my friends boyfriends/girlfriends for help on something, I would ask my friend first right?!
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  15. Bethenny is currently dating her friend's ex-husband. No offence, but I wouldn't put anything by her at all.
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  16. I can't believe we've already gotten so many iconic RHONY lines this season.



    "CAROLE doesn't have songs on iTunes under COUNTESS LUANN."

    Can't wait to see what else is to come.
  17. Oh, and also "Say it, forget it, WRITE IT, REGRET IT."
  18. Carole won't regret it.
  19. I'm also loving the two rising alliances this season on NY.

    (Carole / Tinsley / Ramona) vs. (Bethenny / Sonja / Luann) with Dorinda in the middle.

    Strange bedfellows all around but it makes for such a fascinating social chessgame. Ramona normally couldn't care less about Carole or Tinsley but she's riding hard with them now because she wants to see Bethenny taken down so badly. Likewise, its hilarious Bethenny is now going to bat for Sonja and Lu after verbally eviscerating every fiber of their being only a few years prior, and likely she's only backing them because she's in need of backup in return. These women all know how to play.
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