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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. It’s already been filmed.
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  2. Wow, I am so glad they filmed the reunion before this. Poor Bethenny, she was just talking this past week about how they had to go separate ways.
  3. Next season has taken a very dark turn. Poor Bethenny.
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  4. That's awful. I'm sorry for her and his family's loss.
  5. I've been binge watching the season, since I am on holyday and obliged to stay at home, just finished the Ramona's trip and it is literally the best drama so far, such a wild ride.

    Sonja was and still is completely unbothered, drunk and extremely outgoing, she may not bring a lot drama so far, but she was definitely the better addiction compared to Kelly, speaking of which, she went completely off the rails, it was almost uncomfortable (almost), her state of delusion culminating in such a delusional and bizzarre meltdown, with Alex being a messenger with Kabuki makeup on and Bethenny trying to kill her (her CRYING and calling Jill after Bethenny's gift was so mind boggling), Sonja handled the whole thing very well (Ramona was not having it)

    Kelly trying to walk out the first day and she couldn't even open the door, she truly turns lemons into lemonade for us.

    and kii at Jill ''making the surprise'' walking in, blatanly ignoring the hatred towards her and coming all happy, convinced she did that and her plan would actually work... but ending up with all of them completely checking out and kicking her out

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  6. Oh my god, Bethenny is going to be devastated.
  7. So, so sad. I feel terrible for Bethenny, his ex wife and his children. So tragic.

  8. The Bridge scene is iconic. My favourite part is when she changes the topic at the end, "What do you think of Obamas healthcare?" (Dying)

    I also love the fact the general public is staring at them and the cameras throughout the walk.
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  9. Let’s watch it AGAIN!

    “You’re not exactly the most warm and fuzzy person either.”
    “I don’t know, at least I have FRIENDS, you have no FRIENDS, who are YOUR FRIENDS? You have nobody in your life, right now you have Jason and you’ll probably mess that up too.”

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  10. "Fine! We'll talk about neutral things. What do you think about Obama's healthcare?"

    I've come to terms that Ramona is the most perfect housewife of all time.
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  11. I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and rewatch Season 3.

    I forgot about Ramona taking Avery to her first Fashion Week show and then carting her off home in a taxi after being invited to a Perez Hilton party by Kelly.
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  12. I'm surprised and sad to see how many in the fanbase seem to hate or be annoyed by Lu. I'm glad we have taste and class on here!
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  13. This Dennis news is wild. I’m sorry for Bethenny and am curious how she will handle it next season. Is her story arc going to be about drugs awareness?? If so, Dorinda is fucked. I hope it makes Bethenny and Carol smooth out the wrinkles of their friendship but that’s maybe a selfish thought.
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  14. I love her self proclaimed love for singing to then proceed and autotune and speak through all of her songs, queen. I am worried about Kelly, since she never took responsibility for THIS (I hate Kelly, she is so annoying)

    This is so iconic
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  15. Dose anyone feel like this is Sonjas sawn song season? She’s mending fences with everybody but Dorinda and has her life sorted somewhat. It just feels like the end of her story to me.
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  16. No. At the start of this season it seemed like a possibility but they'd be crazy to let her go. Tinsley and Dorinda are the weak links, for different reasons, currently but with New York they are more likely to keep them.
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  17. Sonja and Ramona are like fire and gasoline. When brought together, they create quite a moment. I can’t see them getting rid of Sonja and if they do before they get rid of Tinsley, I’ll be disappointed. She will literally do anything for the camera.
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  18. But you have to factor in the financials of show. Each season the wives get paid more. Ramona’s going into her 10th season (and the only lowest viewed episode was the only ever episode not to feature her) , Sonja’s going into her 8th and Bethany get the best pay check because she’s the B. Tinsley and Dorinda will make next to nothing compeared to them. It bravo will look to cut Sonja as their cast costs will the highest out of any franchise at the moment, bar Atlanta.
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  19. That is true but it’ll all come down to negotiations. The one thing about Sonja is that she doesn’t really have anything else to fall back on. Yes, she can sell or rent her place out. She has her shoe line and clothing but I can’t imagine they are bringing in enough money to keep her lifestyle going. I feel like she’ll stick around with little to no pay raise or possibly get demoted to a “friend” for a season like Lu was and then come back the next season with no pay raise at all.

    On top of all of that, Bravo would be a fool to mess with the cast too much as this has been such a solid season.
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