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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Imagine an alternate reality where Faye Resnick was made a Housewife in season 2 post-Dinner Party From Hell. I think she could have been an iconic villain in the franchise and she would have only added to the dynamic as it progressed.

    Faye, with a diamond in-hand, properly taking on Camille, LVP, Yolanda, and Brandi would have been iconic.
  2. What....what even is LeAnne Locken?? She just dressed up as "Two Face Stephanie" for Halloween Hjfjfjfjfjfjjf.
  3. She was like... born a Top 5 Real Housewife.
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  4. Camille just referred to Faye as morally corrupt on Twitter. I may actually start watching Beverly hills again if we can bring this feud back.
  5. Dddd why is Kyle still dragging out this ridiculous “why wasn’t Erika offended by Lisa Rinna” drama. Erika couldn’t have explained herself any more clearly last time. LET. IT. GO.
  6. Normally I think therapy sessions are one of the most boring parts of the entire Housewives franchise, but LeeAnne's are a SCREAM!

    LeeAnne: Y'all I just fly into this blind rage where I want to commit murder

    Therapist: Maybe you shouldn't dress up as Two-Faced Stephanie for Halloween

    LeeAnne: No

    Therapist: Maybe you should take responsibility for your actions

    LeeAnne: No girl :)
  7. Oh my god!
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  8. LeeAnne Locken is a gift.
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  9. ddd call me basic but I loved this episode of BH. Kyle being so drunk that her mean girl persona finally came back, shitfaced Teddi crying one minute, annoying everybody the next and then stealing chips from the kitchen, Dorit (!) and Rinna (!!) being the voices of reason... Also, I don't know how or when it happened, but Dorit has somehow become my favorite? If only she wasn't married to that pig.
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  10. I've always enjoyed Dorit. Not because I particularly like her, but she causes drama and remembers she's in a reality TV show. Also, on a sidenote, I really like her personal style. Kyle is trying to leap into the place that LVP occupied. I'm not sure she has the manipulative savvy to achieve it.
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  11. Kyle nearly shit herself when Rinna was like, “you should tell Erika what you just said to me”.
  12. Phew Erika was NOT having it this episode was she? I kinda live her for unamused, nonchalant, IDGAF mood, but she really needs to bring a bit more. She should have gone in on Kyle & Teddi.

    Also can we leave the drunken antics to the NY ladies only please!
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  13. I don't mind Erika being so annoyed but I just need her to DO something about it. The "mood" you mention is why she just doesn't work for me. Just admit these girls tried the wrong one and let them knowwwwwww!
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  14. Erika was boring as fuck and seemed over the whole thing, just as in every episode, except this time it was justified nn.
  15. Teddi is tragic, when she cried about being the moral compass... she's so annoying, Erika should have dragged her to hell.
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  16. I'm sorry to post about her again but LeeAnne was a CARNY you all??? A CARNY???
  17. A carny!

  18. I think Erika realises she doesn’t know how to hold back, so she flat out avoids conflict now so she doesn’t get dragged and hated again.
  19. Ironic though because blowing up at Teddi and Kyle this season would probably actually win her back more fans than anything else
  20. Let's revisit the golden years, I STILL CACKLE at this every-fucking-day, and this is just from ONE reunion:

    "Um, sticks & grass."

    “You can do whatever you want to do say whatever you want to say, move on to the next question; I said Neverland and I ain’t CHANGING!”

    This entire award-winning exchange:

    Sheree: She says I'm rich.
    Nene: MHMM!
    Sheree: While you were running your mouth I was running to the bank cashing Trump checks.
    Nene: I WASSS!

    Can we just go back to how it was?
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