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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. D’andra talking about her new cream and how it works for the face.

    Dee: And what does it do for your NECK?

    You KNOW that wasn’t hypothetical.
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  2. Spending today weaving

    How DISGUSTING are you??



    into my conversations.
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  3. I legitimately thought Rinna was Kylie Jenner nn. Fuck.
  4. Me in the housewives threads on here:
  5. Adorable! This is the storyline/friendship we DESERVE!

  6. Robyn is Pinky!

  7. The RHOA tea Instagram is reporting that one of the wives dm'ed them and said Nene will probably be forcibly demoted. She walked out of a dinner, threw her mic off and drove off. I guess she was told it was a Kenya free event and then Kenya showed up with Porsha.

    She's also only filmed with Marlo, Eva and Shamari and is refusing to do any filming with Cynthia or Kenya.

    Basically she's trying to be LVP without the clout.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. I hope none of you all are sleeping on Potomac. This season is up there with some of the best Housewives seasons...I'm still not over:
    "So he was feenin' for the p-.....the, uh....DING-A-LING....that wasn't even in the room?? That's what you call a hard adDicktion!
  10. Farewell Nene. I hope.
  11. Nene being demoted is what she deserves, she really needs a knock to that ego and sense entitlement as she’s no longer enjoyable to watch for me.
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  12. Good, hopefully she’s gone. There’s absolutely no way any of the other ladies would get away with this so I don’t know why they keep allowing it from Nene!
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  13. I might watch RHOA again if Nene is out...

    For Potomac: The past two episodes have been incredible. Katie had some great moments this last episode as well...her dead-pan face paired with, "It was great having you...."
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  14. [​IMG]
    She can really go then. And honestly, I think with her husband's situation, she could take a much-needed break from the show.
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  15. Candiace is SO FUCKING ANNOYING
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  16. She is almost as delusional as Kelly Bensimon at this point. She makes a good villain, though. I think she has no idea how she's coming across, a.k.a. a clone of her mother. The fact that her mother laughed at her crying and then she did the same exact thing to Monique...Sis, the lack of awareness.

    I do wonder where this season is going to go from here, being that we're only at episode 10 and the drama is on full blast. Karen and Gizelle are television gold and CLANKITY-CLANK...THAT BAR OF SOAP?? YOU MIGHT'T WANNA HELP YOUR HUSBAND will go down as an all-time classic Housewives moment.
  17. Potomac is everything. Not sure if we even have teams at this point but I’m rooting for Karen, Monique, and Candiace.

    Katie was also amazing during this episode. 54 minutes long and it felt like 20. Only RHONY can relate.
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  18. Also, Ashley is still about a thousand times more irritating than Candiace to me.
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  19. I don’t even watch Potomac but Candiace seems to be constantly fighting with another castmate on Twitter. Todays its Monique. I love that there is another city where messiness is standard. Is Robyn the Cynthia or Denise? I feel like I haven’t seen her pop off in clips like the rest have.
  20. Potomac’s last two episodes should go down as all time classics in the Housewives franchise.
    The cast seem to all know their role perfectly. I would die for the best ladies of Potamac to relocate and grab themselves a peach because the girls over there cannot relate to this organic and entertaining mess at the moment.
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