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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. What was the first?
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  2. And in S4E3, one of the subtitles says "Ashely."
  3. Am I blind? I don’t see the typo?!
  4. Nn sis, "wth" in the second sentence.
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  5. It’s a good job I don’t work for Bravo’s post production isn’t it.
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  6. Gina is so fucking depressing.
  7. She looks like Megan McCain now.
  8. In her confessionals, she looks like season 12/13 Shannon
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  9. I am watching Naked Wasted to uncomfortably celebrate the hot D I just got.
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  10. I AM BEING NAILED TO THE CROSS LIKE JESUS WAS!! - The reputation era.
  11. Gizelle is really a horrible friend, what she did at Robyn's open house was so shitty... but also... what did Robyn expect ddddd.
    Perched for next week's episode!!! The white people are staring.
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  12. I love how Monique effortlessly exudes power even when heavily pregnant on a couch.
  13. I was not here for Monique and ha MLM/essential oil ways last season. However, she is KILLING me this year. The way she decimated Gizelle while 8 months pregnant and sitting on a couch...the power that that has.

    It reminds me of when she read everyone (in order) at the hoedown (except for Katie). I just love this cast. Candiace and her mother are also great "villains."
  14. Imagine for how many episodes BH would have dragged a storyline like Ashley visiting her dad ddd. In RHOP it lasted precisely 14 minutes between two episodes.
  15. She's the most powerful presence on the cast. Isn't it fascinating how they were on sitting or standing above her while she was on that couch, yet they all acted as though she towered over them? You can't defeat Monique. You can't.
  16. I do have to say that these producers are very fortunate to have such a dynamic, entertaining cast. Much like their typos, the editing leaves something to be desired sometimes. How many times did we have to hear Ashley tell the story about her father in the very same episode that it happened? I counted at least 4. I really don't ever want to have to hear about her father closing the screen door in her face ever again.

    Points to the editors for those campy sound effects and jump scare music during the "haunted forest" scene, though!
  17. My problem with Ashley is that she always seems like she's acting. I'm also not looking forward to seeing Katie crumble next week. She shouldn't have to deal with the scrutiny of television.
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  18. She really does seem like she immediately just "stuffs" everything down. It's a bit uncomfortable. Her reaction shortly after her father shut a door in her face is a perfect example. I think a lot more people would warm up to her if she just let herself be vulnerable for once, whether it's about her marriage or otherwise. Instead, it does feel like she's putting on an act.
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  19. To be fair, some of the editing is iconically bad, like all the jump cuts about Karen (and her house) in S3 and Michael this season. That one black and white scene that like...shatters, I kii'd real hard.

    I'm surprised y'all like Monique. She the one only one I don't like nn. She's too BH/mid-series Bethenny for me. Too into her brand and "businesses" and doesn't ever really let the facade crack. Like, the number of times she's rubbed her damn belly this season, even in the title screen! Like, we get it girl!! I root for everyone else, even Robyn (if a bit boring) and Candiace (whose mom is legit abusive, to the point I get genuinely uncomfortable). Karen is by far my favorite, and I'd say she and Gizelle are the MVPs.
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