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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. LAST POST I PROMISE. They definitely are the MVPs right now, and I'm so glad we get a Karen vs. Gizelle fight next week, as their arguments are ICONIC.

    Erika Liles is happily married!!

    Yes she IS, Karen....yes she ISSSS. And Ray?

    Wants to LICK.

    her UP.

    and DOWN.

  2. Maybe I feel this way because her behavior is triggering, but Candiace’s mom seems...dangerous. Her behavior at the therapy session is honestly disturbing. Like, she’s so deep in denial, and she consistently berates Candiace despite the presence of a professional.
  3. Karen and Gizelle are responsible for one of the greatest scenes ever to grace the Real Housewives.

    “And as we are trying to


    here come the STUPID MIME.”



  4. Katie's poor wigs.

  5. I am actually shocked Tamra isn't a Trump lover. Good for her and her throwing Vicki under the bus in a few interviews regarding her political views made me laugh, maybe it is for the best she stays gone.
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  6. Of course Vicki Gunvalson is a staunch Trump supporter, glad that hag got demoted.

    And who is this Gina gal? I haven’t watched an OC season is ages. But she looks really...trashy.
  7. She is such a bizarre choice of a housewife. She seems genuinely unstable, is oddly young for the show, and seeing her cry into her cracked phone about her DUI was just uncomfortable. I think the Bravo producers were smoking crack when they cast her.
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  8. I get the feeling Gina is a faghag of one of the producers, who wanted to cast her so they could watch her hot husband on TV but then it all backfired.
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  9. I get the feeling the only bar Shane is studying for is finding out which local gay bars have gloryholes.
  10. Macy Gray? Potomac keeps delivering.

  11. love her or hate her, Victoria is essential to RHOC. She really called her Brown Wind....

  12. I’m liking the RHOC cast with the exception of Tamra. Shannon really could be her own divine self without Tamrat and Icky-Vicki around. Braunwyn can be fun, but will she be combative?
  13. The unreleased producer footage


    Ashley’s new confessional wig

  14. I’m binging so sorry for the billion consecutive posts, but I just peeped a Young Living box on Monique’s bed (after the prank on Chris). I knew she was a pyramid schemer!
  15. Vicki already feels like a relic from the past, a guest star from an old TV show. I didn't think my attention span would break do fast. #RHOC
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  16. Also, Emily is far too good to be married to The Ant Bully. She's better than him in every way. Get rid of him my dear!
  17. She really looks like Dora The Explorer with that awful new wig.

    My MLM queen Monique looks like an iconic GODDESS in her new confessional look, though.

    I LOVE how much Potomac and Dallas really Drag it up for their confessional looks. Erika Jayne's sad desperation to look iconic can't relate!
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  18. Let’s be honest here about the new OC girl, Braunwyn was cast because of her ICONIC mom.

    She was serving a lewk and wearing and tag “Medicine Woman” and that burning man pic?

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  19. As a Trump supporter she’s not.

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  20. OMFG I nearly spat out my coffee. I’m sorry to say Brown Wind’s Husband is giving me a little hunty in the closet too.
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