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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I just got to Brown Wind’s Husband shirt at Tamrat’s house warming party.


    I have a feeling all of the OC husbands are swingers and may be bi and sleep with each other.
  2. Emily's husband would be so lucky!
  3. This thread got me thinking- what would you say is the "theme" or thesis of other Bravo shows? I feel like both OC and Beverly Hills are the most straight up "money doesn't solve everything!" but I can't think of themes for others. I feel like NY is about loss and reinvention. A lot of them got divorced and have found new lives for themselves outside of wives thanks to the show and it shows that just because you're over 40 doesn't mean you have to slow down. Maybe NJ can be about family.

    The thesis of New Jersey is more of a question - the existential question of, can a good person do bad things, and can a bad person do good things? A part of this is whether a bad person can become a "good" person. This has been a consistent motif since season 1, where we see Danielle trying to live her life while her history haunts her. We see the "good" characters, the Manzos, be "bad" as they judge and isolate Danielle. This theme continues as Teresa, our alleged protagonist, espouses being "good" even as she ends up in prison for doing "bad." The show continues to make us question, is redemption possible?

    I wrote about what I think the RHOBH thesis is earlier in the thread - that there is a dark underbelly to families with money and power.
  5. Wow, that's so eloquently put! I never thought of that. I know it's just sex shaming most of the time but you can see Danielle's past and how it impacted her vs Melissa being a dancer (I forgot if it was true or not?) or even Margaret and her own affair. Season 1 is almost a modern day Scarlet Letter.
  6. Hm. I love NY being about resilience, reinvention, and redemption. A true queer classic. NJ is all about family and loyalty. BH is about class (like class-class not classy-class) and status conflict. OC is, like, secrets and lies. Not sure about Potomac or Atlanta. I mean inherently there’s a race story in each (especially Potomac in the beginning).
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  7. I think Potomac is about vulnerability vs. artifice, and how vulnerability is healing and connecting but societal norms reinforce the artifice.
  8. This was a really great Buzzfeed piece about housing insecurity and race on RHOA.
    Mildly related but Primetimer sort of classifies each of the shows.
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  9. I’d guess Dallas would be about Title and who you’re born into vs who you know. But truly Dallas should just be subtitled: The LeeAnne Locken Story
  10. Wow Ryan is so ugly. Sad huh.
  11. Brown Wind's mom better stan ARTPOP.

  12. I'm so ready for this reunion.
  13. Monique looks stunning. Ashley's cape looks like shit. I guess Gizelle looks slightly better than usual.

    What do we think the seating arrangements will be? I think it will be:

    Monique > Karen > Candiace > Andy > Ashley > Gizelle > Robyn
  14. The seating arrangement is:
    From left to right... Monique, Karen, Ashley, Andy, Gizelle, Candiace, Robyn.

    I thought Candiace earned her spot right next to Andy, but Ashley and Gizelle will certainly serve up drama, as they are pros at being Housewives at this point.
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  15. Umm... What is going on with Brandi???

    She seems even more unhinged than normal and is basically on the verge of tears in all her recent cameos. I wonder if she's spiraling because she's not allowed to come back to the show...
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  16. That was painful. Whatever Bree paid, it wasn’t worth it.
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  17. Really?! Bree got exactly what she paid for. What else do you want from Brandi? This is also why she needs to be on the show. Yeah, she's a little unhinged and has to say everything as she thinks it but that's what BH needs.

    EDIT: This. is. ARTPOP.

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  18. Kelly Dodd is now dating a Fox News Anchor.

    Tamra is apparently trying to take her granddaughter away from Ryan's ex, the same ex who Ryan just texted last week with a photo of a bullet and said "This one's for you".

    Vicki praised Ryan for being a hardcore Trumper.

    Can they just cancel the OC?
  19. Omg imagine paying $100 for a Cameo to get Brandi to tell you what an awful day she’s having.
  20. All disgusting!
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