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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The episode where Candiace asked the producer sitting in on her confessional taping "Is there footage?" followed by the horror movie editing and then

    against a black screen... Iconic.
  2. We been knew Tre is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but in that clip, I HAD SUCH A KII - you can actually see her thinking, and the moment Melissa was gonna DRAG her on camera - DID YOU TELL HER TO DO IT? I lived. I felt SOMEWHAT sorry for her.

    Also, since it was brought up, RHOMiami improved every season thereafter, the decline that is Dallas is actually the worst I've ever witnessed from the housewives franchise. This is coming from the same person who enjoyed RHODC because of Michaela's messyness. Was that her name? But yea, RHOD is honestly the worst housewives show we have but not as awful as Cheshire - now that is the W O R S T international version of the show.
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  3. Not the greatest trailer. So much of it was Teresa and Joe Gorga!
  4. You just know the cliffhanger will be Beverley refusing to come on stage... and then she'll leave just at the start of the third.
    They'll spread her out.
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  5. Why is “fired like me........ yay....” sending me?! Sksksks
  6. I actually adore Cheshire for it’s tacky messiness, I really don’t get the hate for it. As much as I hate her. Dawn is surely one of the biggest Housewives villains of all time.
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  7. Cheshire has nothing on how evil and abysmal RHOBH has become.
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  8. So the rumor mill is stating 2 new wives for Dallas, a real tall red head that's a friend of Kameron's named Jennifer and a doctor (who is gorgeous) and happens to be Asian, named wait for it...Tiffany. Only soon to be 5 seasons and we've already had 2 Tiffanys and 2 Cary/Karys. The speculation is that it probably won't be 7 wives and that Brandi will most likely be friend of. Again just the rumor mill. If one is a friend of Kameron and the other a doctor that means they have $$$$ which lifestyle porn helps, but we are going to need drama. Kudos for Cary Deuber for being the one housewife who straight up says "I was fired".
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  9. You’re such a pain sack!!!

    Do you know that you’re an idiot??

    Captain Eyebrows!!!
  10. They way this whole thing turned into a learning experience for Teresa and everyone is looking on the bright side that she isn't friends with Danielle anymore and Delores using the "going through hell with her family" excuse. Don't give her a pass!
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  11. I was slightly disappointed in the aftermath of Melissa revealing what Teresa did but I’m hopeful they’ll give it to her at the reunion. I have to say I’m somewhat proud of Teresa, she really has grown as a person which probably sounds stupid considering she’s been in her 40s her whole time on the show. However, the way she handled that conversation with Joe with such maturity and honesty was great and I hope she finds happiness.
  12. I have been SO over the Guidice drama swallowing up the entire season whole, and I was kind of annoyed that the Italy trip was literally half of the finale.

    ...with that said, that was probably the best part of the storyline this entire season. Whatever you think about Teresa and Joe, watching all of their daughters get to see and hold their dad in 4 years was pretty emotional. The fact that they seem as well adjusted as they are with those two as their parents is pretty remarkable.

    And Watching Teresa and Joe have their conversation, there was just this profound, completely unmanufactured, undercurrent of sadness running through the entire scene. It was uncomfortable to watch. You could literally see the weight of the last 4 years. She's a delusional fucking mess, but good for Teresa for standing her ground.
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  13. I teared up during the visit to Italy as well.

    I cannot believe Melania was totally giving me butch queen realness a few seasons and now she's like SO FEMME and fucking STUN-NING. Even her voice has changed. The girls grew up well and say whatever you want about Tre, I think the kids growing up like that has alot to do with her mothering. Joe was, once again, trying to minimise the pain he caused Teresa and not taking any responsibility at all, after all that and after all those years. Teresa did the right thing by dumping his behind.
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  14. Teresa obviously assumed the producers would cover for her when it comes to egging Danielle on to pull Marge’s hair, to the point she seems surprised they haven’t. You actually wonder what the producers do actually cover up and keep secret for her to assume that.
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  15. The producers pulling that rug out from under her, is amazing.
  16. The party is definitely over for OGs. Kyle must be quaking, she’s next.
  17. I can't believe they let Teresa off so easily nn. What's in the water in NJ?
  18. It does sometimes feel at these finales the producers tell them to leave stuff for the reunions.
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  19. Overall, this season of Jersey was very...meh. RHOC 14 can't relate.
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