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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Season 2

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. I don't think Lisa will have that luxury because the rest of the cast will probably despise her within the first day nn.
  2. The streets are now saying Erika is requesting too much money so she's out and Rinna refuses to film with Kim, so she's also out. I wonder who they have lined up as replacements.
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  3. The fact Erika and Lisa could have probably redeemed themselves as they only have to put on an act for one week but they couldn’t even do that… the FFF lost again
  4. Amazing!

    Erika trying to scam more money? BOOT.
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  5. Sonja Morgan is right there... take her!
  6. I can't really imagine Rinna turning down a job opportunity.

    Erika being delusional enough to think she is in a position to ask more money, that's believable.
  8. We deserve to see Sonja running amuck in Thailand.
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    Oh Brandi, I will never stop loving you.
  10. NOT the cat meme, SCREAM!

    I'm very glad Taylor brings it, I'm rooting for her!
  11. That clip providing more drama and excitement than the entire first season. Fired housewives just play different.
  12. Yes, we love a hero against Brandi's villain.
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  13. Watching Taylor and Vicki yelling at Brandi while Jill Zarin tried to diffuse the situation...give it to me NOW!
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  14. I’ve missed Vicki’s screech.
  15. The girlies are giving absolute insanity
    And I can't wait
  16. This will create world peace, end famine and solve the climate crisis.
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  17. This is going to be the All Stars 2 of the Bravo Franchise.

    I need some new previews, interviews, the whole season dropped at once, I need Dorinda back in my screen berating and terrorizing all of the Housewives right now.
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  18. It looks like the first 3 eps at least are all about Brandi - what a time to be a Stanville!
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  19. Is it… Kyle laughing in the audience?
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  20. As they should be!
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