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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. They're trapping the Housewives on an island together (Turks & Caicos) for a limited series, and I actually thought it was going to be a total flop until I found out Luann, Ramona, and Sonja from RHONY were all going to be included. That is really all you need for some iconic ensemble comedy. Rounding out the cast are Teresa Giudice and Kenya Moore.

    Unfortunately, the flops Melissa Gorga, Cynthia Bailey, Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna are also getting a paycheck. Hopefully Kyle's Hands won't ruin it too badly!

    It will be premiering on the Peacock App at an undetermined date. Let's discuss until the mods open up a Housewives sub-forum for us!
  2. They better parachute in Kelly Bensimon for a cameo.
  3. Melissa... when Marge is right there
  4. The only positive is Melissa and Ramona are legitimately friends, so it will make it a bit more dynamic. Kyle and Rinna are inexcusable, though! Imagine if it were Dorit and Sutton instead!
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  5. To be honest even Erika would be preferable over Rina, as Teresa, Luann, Kenya or Ramona would bring up the orphan stealing at a moments notice.

    Oh yes actually, a fine mess might be had anyway. I'd love to see Rinna try and hold any of them "accountable"
  6. Here for the top tier housewives and it will a cherry on top of the cake if Kyle or Rinna get dragged.
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  7. Kenya/Teresa teaming up to drag Kyle/Rinna please!
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  8. I love East Coast VS West Coast drama. Is Luann the Notorious B.I.G. of our generation?

    Maybe so.gif.
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  9. Wow, I'm actually not mad at the cast! I can't wait for this.
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  10. It is sad that noone from Potomac is here. Other than that i hope somebody talks about the husband and drags Rinna throughout the season
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  11. We should really do another Real Housewives rate alongside this.
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  12. Why do I sense a Kenya/Teresa feud? Kenya doesn't suffer fools gladly and Teresa is dumb as rocks. I can already feel the shade in Kenya's confessionals after Teresa spouts one of her many 'Jersey-isms'
  13. Kenya will shade her episode one and Teresa will get it by episode ten and go off.
  14. What about the Potomac ladies?

    The OC ladies can obviously stay away from this but I would love Karen and Gizelle to continue their feud here.

    I guess maybe where filming is taking place they’d rather use the shows not filming?
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  15. Peacock though... hopefully they make it available through Hayu for us international, global girlies.
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  16. Oh they will. I mean they are serving up Vanderpump's Overserved thing
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  17. Hopefully Legendmona and Iconja immediately say or do something the minute cameras begin to roll to rattle Kyle and Rinna.
  18. I'm only about six episodes into Season 5 of Atlanta and I already know in my soul that Kenya and Ramona trapped in the same house will be the television event of the year.
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  19. I hope there’s some deep rooted resentment between the cast. Maybe some shade hanging over from WWHL or some ratings jealousy.

    I can really only see the east coast girls vs Kenya, because Cynthia and the BH girls will be good for nothing and I know the NYC/NJ girls all get along.
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  20. Ramona and Sonja when they lock everyone in the basement with Luann:
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