The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Series

Kyle trying to go 5 minutes without mentioning that she's from Beverly Hills

IN A WAY, I feel really bad for Ramona. I can't imagine what it's like actually being around her, and I can't blame anyone for reacting to her, but sometimes the way people react is so unhelpful. There's no excusing most of her actions, and she's not right to do many of the things she does, but I think she's just not mentally there enough to even understand what she's doing wrong. (Once again, that doesn't excuse it!) I do think Kenya crossed the line with some of the things she said, and it was tough to watch what her and Luann did at the dinner. I feel like Ramona isn't purposeful with how she acts, so for them to kind of plan against her didn't seem too right. To be fair, my boyfriend has a friend/colleague who reminds me a little of Ramona and I often want to pop off at her too. I also haven't watched a lot of New York yet, so I don't know Ramona's full history. She's hilarious to watch on tv though!
I felt bad when Melissa recounted what Ramona said about not having anything to go back to. The dinner felt a bit much (not enough to complain about Luann and Kenya) and needless to say, it was what Ramona deserved, however that bit still affected me.

The same thing goes for Cynthia. I really appreciated her admitting her jealousy of Kenya and her anxiety / vulnerability of feeling like an island on group settings. I can not fathom how fandom turned against her when she was very earnest with Kyle and gave a good apology about making her uneasy. I still think she is right about being pissed at Kenya about being late and disrespectful in the game, sawry.
I have been watching Ramona apologize, make commitments to change, cry over it, and talk about how she "really understands now" that she needs to be different for FIFTEEN YEARS and I am truly over it at this point. I don't feel bad for her because she always brags about how many friends that she does have. She parades and displays them around at every opportunity. She is also incredibly privileged and wealthy.

I have no sympathy and it really is her time to go.
I think it's very fair to feel that way! This is my first full Ramona experience, and I do have to admit she is making this show amazing for me as I think she is hilarious TV. I'm having a hard time finding the nuance on a personal level between feeling bad for her and also understanding that if you act a certain way, people have the right to react. She is certainly a less than stellar person. I feel some pity for her which probably isn't deserved, and the last thing I want to do is excuse her views and actions. I think from the outside looking in I just feel more sad for her than mad at her because I think she truly doesn't understand herself and how she acts or thinks. I am a bit fascinated by it all.
What a shoot of a season, wasn't it girls? It even had a redemption arc for Ramona on this last episode (how does she keep doing this season after season, year after year? How does she get away with you actually feeling compassion for her? Gaslighting maven).

The only bad taste in my mouth is how things have ended for Cynthia. It feels like this trip has soured her experience on the show altogether, and her last confessional felt quite sad. She does hold high standards for her friendships, but it's true Kenya was in another frequency to hers the whole season. I hope they can reconnect in time, or at least that Cynthia gets to be happy.
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Agreed. I hate that Cynthia’s went out on a low rather than a high. We know from watching Atlanta that she’s always down for a kiki and a good time on a trip, so it’s sad that she fizzled out the way she did.

In other news, I can’t wait for Tammy-Sue Tamratna Barney Judge to be back on our screens!!! My original fave!!!! Queen!!!!!
Notwithstanding Cynthia's sour ride, this has been the sweetest thing ever. The conflict was light and entertaining, and they looked like they were having a lot of fun throughout the seven episodes. I loved it!

I can't help thinking season 2 will probably be darker than this (I mean, just the setting is darker), but just as entertaining. Or even more, seeing as most of the cast has absolutely nothing to lose!