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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. I can imagine being @ Bluestone Manor is the ultimate fever dream for all of us.

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  2. Didn't she, sadly, remove most of the fish from the fish room? Or did they get put back up?
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  3. She will put it back up if gaybees VISITED!

    Luann is the one to be blamed
    for this.
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  4. Perched for this even more now!
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  5. Imagine Vicki going to Holla's garage of a house? She'd make Ramona's reaction look pleasant.
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  6. I'm not being hyperbolic by saying this will change my life forever.
  7. I’m hoping wondering if production had her re-fish the place for room choosing drama.
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  8. Dorinda making everyone in the group cry i'm fucking screeeaming, god I love that woman!!!!!
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  10. Not this sounding like one of those murder mystery video game sponsored ads I get on Instagram..
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  11. This is so underwhelming after the massive achievement of Season 1's opening.
  12. I actually love the murder mystery vibe of the opening. It fits the ‘Ultimate Dorinda Makes Everyone Cry at Blue Stone Manor Trip’ theme perfectly.
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  13. Agreed, it's giving Cluedo, it's giving Dorinda murdered Jill in the fish room with the vodka bottle.
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  14. Who's cares Joe? Find a fag who isn't specifically tuning in for the ranchid vibes and toxicity (and that's just from Ms Cancer Scammer) of this season.
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  15. Why is he acting like that’s a bad thing?

    Screaming at Jill crashing the vacation in episode 2.
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  16. The "vibes" of this season are going to be as toxic as Sydney and Vancouver and I'm going to lap up every last second of it like my life depends on it.
  17. Joe is a little dork!! Twerp!! A little bitch over there.
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  18. Brandi telling Vicki to shut the f*** up half a dozen times in the first episode?

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  19. He sounds like your average Housewives reddit user!
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