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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. That’s the POINT Yolanda! Someone being at risk of losing a limb is why we’re all here!
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  2. Not Jill actually showing up in episode two as a SURPRISE!




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  3. So where and when can I watch this in the uk?
  4. Hayu.
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  5. First three eps Hayu on Friday.

    I didn't even realise Bluestone Manor had a pool (as they always film there in Winter I suppose).
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  6. Searching for a link tomorrow because I’m an impatient fuck.

  7. Brandi teased that she asked Phaedra why she was really fired from Atlanta and apparently she told her everything. I’m praying it makes the cut!
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  8. Kennedy is gorgeous and Phaedra’s boys have gotten so big and look so much like Apollo.
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  9. I can't believe that's Kennedy! Reminds me of how long I've been watching these wretched shows!!!

    I kinda wish they did a montage of each cast members most chaotic moments as their intro rather than some old tagline.
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  10. Eva:

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  11. I love how Dorinda literally will not take her foot off Vicki’s neck, even for the slightest comment. Vicki seemingly made a joke about being “on pause” rather than fired, and Dorinda has done a multi slide arc on her insta stories showing she was on pause, not fired. I wish there was a reunion.
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  12. They really went all out with this $5 theme song.
  13. Dorinda continues to be iconic with her feuds. I can’t wait for her to make everyone cry. I also enjoyed her idea for her next tagline.

    “I may have been on pause but I’m ready to play”
  14. @peacock It's June 23 where is it heaux??
  15. They can be slow to put it up at times but it’s usually up at midnight for PST not EST.
  16. I miss Tamrat
  17. In a war of Teddi vs Vicki, this is the only time I will EVER be Team Teddi.

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  18. I haven't watched yet, but will comment on Teddi vs Vicki. Teddi CLEARED Vicki! Teddi did nothing to her, Vicki is just mad because she wanted to do the podcast with Teddi. Teddi has been nice on the podcast about it, but Vicki keeps coming for her. THIS is the energy we need from Teddi.
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