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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. Only watched the first episode but I can’t remember the last time I cringed so hard as seeing Brandi’s display in both her convo with Taylor and then with all of them at dinnner.

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  2. The CACKLE i let out when Dorinda was just telling Eva and Phaedra about feeling Richard at the tree, like NO CONTEXT, just ranting
  3. Brandi not learning a single thing from the last decade is embarrassing for her & amazing for us. She's awful but I can't deny the mess!

    I love seeing Taylor again. Watching her reflect on her time on the show, everything she's been through, & how it affected her daughter was great. On top of that, she still has all the instincts needed to be a great Housewife. The fans have joked about her making a comeback on OC since she lives there full-time now, but I'm honestly not opposed to it.

    I agree that Eva is a surprising highlight & Phaedra is coming off well. The Kandi situation is still unforgivable but it's nice to see her loosen up after how unsettling her last few seasons on Atlanta were. All of her confessionals have me cackling.

    Dorinda Medley is made for reality tv and I will empty my bank account to fund NYC Legacy if I need to.
  4. Phaedra's, "Who the hell is Richard?!" as Dorinda talked about sitting with his ghost at a tree was the exact moment I knew this was something special.
  5. holy shit this is going off the rails and it’s only episode 2….I am LIVING
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  6. They have not even arrived at the house yet and every minute of this is already incredible. I'm just so happy!!!!
  7. Dorinda eating Vicki up over the vaccine was a delight.
  8. I’m really struggling with Dorinda’s confessionals. They all want their apples back but she in particular is coming across as performative.

    But then she has 1 too many dirty martini’s and she shines.
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  9. Dorinda is firing on all cylinders in this and playing the hits!!!
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  10. This feels like a fever dream.

    Taylor - I would like to see her get a little more engaged, because she’s amazing when she does. She talked about sticking up for herself more but there were still plenty of moments when she saved her thoughts for a confessional and I would like less of that. But still, this is an amazing showing for her.

    Eva - Her energy works a lot better with this crowd than it did on RHOA. She’s not even doing anything different but Atlanta always had two people playing the “straight man” role with Kandi and Cynthia and didn’t need her to be another one, but here? She slots in sooooo much more nicely and her chill energy is a great foil to the manic energies from almost everyone else.

    Phaedra - A perfectly calibrated performance. Would I like it more if she was actually involved in the drama? Sure. But otherwise she’s giving exactly what she should be giving. Fun, irreverent, occasionally biting humor. It’d be hard to plan a better fan-friendly outing, and it works without feeling like pandering.

    Tamra - The Vicki problem is tough. Was she better without Vicki in these three episodes? Yes. But is Vicki an absolute perfect monster for reality TV and a great partner for her? Also yes! She needs to be able to have Vicki around and enable her without getting too sucked into herself so that she can still have her own fun, whether that’s actual fun or her own unique drama. I think she was pretty close to figuring out a good balance by the end of OC14 but the time off has set her back a bit. Still, Tamra’s a professional, and she’s putting in a usual professional performance.

    Jill - She feels like a Bad Girls Club replacement girl, and that’s a little sad for her. Part of it’s her fault, because there have definitely been moments where she could have asserted herself more but either kept it to herself or saved it for confessional, but I’m also hoping it’s just growing pains from being off of TV for so long and coming in late. Was it worth it to recreate her Scary Island entrance though? Yes, absolutely.

    Dorinda - She has learned absolutely nothing since being put “on pause”, for better and for worse. Breathlessly cathartic at times and entirely aggravating in others, I still think it would do her good to tone down slightly, so that her fits aren’t necessarily scene killers like they were during that confessions game. Like most manic housewives though, she’s best when challenged, and I hope that more of the women will eventually be up to the task once the “host” mystique fades a bit more.

    Brandi - I hope she never changes. So much of what she says is terrible and occasionally downright despicable. And yet, she is so, so rootable. It’s almost artful how she can so quickly self-sabotage, ending the third episode by carelessly insulting her closest ally without even realizing it, but it’s incredibly compelling. Brandi will never truly win in a media like this, but I will never tire of watching her try.
  11. Dorinda arranging for them to get pedicures during Jill's entrance............ this is so relentlessly incredible.
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  12. Just watched the first episode and it was brilliant and everything I wanted, I was laughing throughout.

    Brandi really needs to get her head out of her ass and read the room though. I’m glad the other ladies are checking her.

    Phaedra is absolutely delightful in this so far.
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  13. This is the greatest series of television of all time. I have no notes.
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  14. Brandi is so funny. I could NOT believe the "mang*na" fiasco.
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  15. After Episode 2 I've warmed to Brandi. I feel like she means well, she's just incredibly tactless. And like a Ramona, will probably never fully change, but at least she's trying? I like that Eva and Phaedra are giving her grace and preventing it from being a fully gang handed situation. Also, unrelated, but Taylor and Eva's talk was genuinely so touching! Taylor and Eva are both shining on this way more than I was anticipating.

    After all the terrible seasons we've had to endure recently, this truly feels like a gift from heaven. This is everything I want from my Housewives. The messery, the massive fall outs and swift makeups, the's giving peak RHONY.

    Dorinda fingering everyone's lasagna and then licking them while proclaiming "My hands are clean!" as the ladies side eye her....I was HOWLING. The editors are absolutely nailing this.
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  17. I will say that having all of Vicki talking heads being about her complaining about, well everything, is the only thing slightly tiring.

    The second episode is the strongest so far, it really made me laugh so much, the whole dinner was a kii.

    Also Brandi being an absolute mess as usual, yet somehow I actually kind of enjoy her? (the whole spiel about her first season being hard because of Taylor's ex husband... in front of Taylor was such carcrash television!)

    Also Phaedra talking heads are all 10/10, and I really like Eva aswell.
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  18. I'm living for all of them to be honest.

    I think the winners after three episodes are Phaedra, Eva, Brandi and I'd personally include Taylor. Phaedra is particular is playing it perfectly, I fully went in ready to just disregard her but her giving horny southern bell is just the right pivot in character from her original run. Eva is also so much fun, her being a Vicki stan is a scream and I was living for her and Taylor's budding friendship. Sis was huffing the grass! Brandi is a damn mess but nearly every confrontation in the first three episodes hinged on her somehow, she's the type of housewife who could slot into any cast and work. I did scream at her immediately getting the side eye from Eva and Phaedra re: her comments about Eva's husband.

    Taylor Armstrong is...the mother I never had. The sister I always wanted. It's so nice to see her reflect on her time on the show with some distance and being in a position to approach reality TV with more ease, because she's a ton of fun even when she isn't getting worked up. "Knee high to a grasshopper" is so Midwest it hurts. Seeing her interacting with Tamra and Vicki within the Bravoverse felt surreal, I need them all on the OC in some capacity.

    Vicki has barely changed and y'all can roast me but I live for the neurotic hysterics. Her immediately making her stance known and then apologizing to Dorinda the second it went south, that vyvanse was working overtime! Vicki's first confessional being "people keep asking me why I'm an ex-housewife and I still don't know!" is exactly why she's built for this franchise.

    Dorinda though, what a woman. After three episodes I fully believe she could be the matriarch of any cast and it would be a hit. There were so many moments but I think the delivery of "that's what we call a whoopsie" re:anal was the one that really got me.

    Also I can't believe I forgot Luann told someone to fuck a swordfish when she got the fish room in Season 11, my god.
  19. HAYU Canada isn't getting this until the 28th.

    I fucking hate it here!!!!!!
  20. I love Brandi idc idc.
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