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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. Hayu are taking forever to upload this to Prime Video. I'm too excited to wait.
  2. Dorinda Medley is the greatest person on earth! That's all I'm able to verbalize at this time.
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  3. This prime delay better not be a regular occurrence. I wonder why when it’s on the Hayu app already?
  4. That was a scream and surprisingly light and breezy considering everyone involved.

    Eva, Phaedra and Dorinda probably came off these batch of episodes best. I've always felt Eva's time on Atlanta was cut short, bearing in mind she was pregnant for most of her original run I generally think she gets a pretty unfair reputation as a flop, so I hope that this helps people's opinion of her be somewhat re-evaluated.

    Phaedra reminded me why I loved her, and it's truly a shame that she went out the way that she did, because I'd love to see her back as a Housewife after these episodes. Dorinda was also on top form and gave me everything I expected and wanted her to.

    Everyone else delivered to varying degrees, Brandi remains a mess and Vicki remains the personification of evil itself, but it did feel that Tamra and Jill faded into the background a bit
  5. Phaedra going "Who the hell is Richard???" was actually amazing.

    I'm enjoying this Phaedra and Eva so much. They seem like such a joy to be around.
  6. I'm in my "bring Phaedra and Eva back to Atlanta" era, I fear....
  7. It’s happening quite a lot recently…it took days for them to get the RHOA premiere up. I just switched to the Hayu app as it’s a lot more reliable now they’ve redesigned it.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. This is absolutely Eva's best season of reality TV, ever. Exceptionally funny and sweet, and her scene with Taylor was incredible on an emotional level.

    I think there's a lot of "baggage" to bringing most of these cast members back to their original series regardless of how well they "deliver" this season (i.e. Brandi, Jill, Vicki, Phaedra), but Eva seems like a no brainer to have return to RHOA. No one on the cast has drug-and-rape-accusation history with her and she'd be coming off a great season of TV.
  9. Eva would've been perfect for season 13 and she had a great, natural chemistry with Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia. I'm not saying she was amazing by any means but I think she deserved one more year, at least.

    Jokes and kii's aside, we'll have to see if Phaedra answers to Brandi's interest in her firing. I think if Phaedra showed some humility, admitted she fucked up and recognised how bad situation was, that would go a long way with people. What got my back up was how nonchalant she was after being exposed.
  10. Vicki is a necessary evil in this - her being unable to shut up about her 30 pills that she hates taking is so funny to me??

    Also thank GOD for Eva dragging them to the dispensary. My top model sunflower green queen.
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  11. I always rated Eva. She took on Marlo and completely won. It was amazing television.
  12. I think...Eva being pregnant so much ruined what she had to bring to Atlanta. Children ruin everything!
  13. I just finished the first episode and this is absolutely incredible. The United Nations Housewives flags made me SCREAM. Not these ladies delivering more in a single episode than Beverly Hills did during their entire season so far ddd. Brandi will forever be my all time favourite Housewife I’m sorry!!
  14. I have my qualms about Phaedra coming back, much as I adore(d) her... but as soon as she hit me with "who the hell is Richard?" I was like putty.

    Is Vicki always this annoying or is she just going through it? She seems like there always needs to be something wrong with her which was topped off by pretending to choke on a vitamin at bedtime..
  15. Tamra really faded into the background. Which I’m surprised about, but these other women just have massive personalities.

    Vicki , Dorinda , Brandi , Eva , Phaedra are absolutely fantastic. And carrying. Was never really here for Eva on RHOA, but wow she’s coming across great. And I’d now be here for an Eva return.
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  16. I yelped when Sema the coffee psychic said "God help you all" to the crew after her scene ewfdgweathsewDFgzhdxdse
  17. Jill really hasn’t added much at all, I hope that changes over the next few weeks…
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  18. We need Dorinda vs Jill... I'm hungry for it.
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  19. If ATL needs a boring one please swap Eva for Kandi because this is my first time watching her and it’s… giving icon
  20. This is so much better than the first season and it's so much more fun to watch than RHOBH is. I truly missed Dorinda's energy on my screen and hope she comes back for RHONY: Legacy. Vicki knows how miserable it is to be around her so she always pulls her "I'm sick" card to get some easy love/sympathy and none of these women cared.
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