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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. I hope they can include some international housewives in the future. Could you imagine the American housewives being matched up with Janet Roach or Gina Liano?

  2. We need an international general strike if Gina and Janet aren't on the next season.
  3. Please post this in the Potomac thread for the Candiace haters!
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  4. Hayu Canada was kind enough to finally upload the first two episodes and I'm obsessed. Never seen Phaedra or Eva before but Eva seems lovely and I'm OBSESSED with Phaedra. I am laminating my Brandi stan card. I don't know if she's just clueless as to how she comes across, or she's intentionally acting that way, but either way she is serving CAMP.
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  5. Brandi's unique ability to let all the other women HAVE IT at all moments... is just...

    She's so vile, but she has a gift.
  6. I absolutely loved the first episode. "I don't know who Eva is!" same, "Who the hell is Richard?" I can't.

    I hate to say it but Phadra is hilarious. Eva's ass kissing is extra cringe. Brandi is horrid but I guess she's bringing the drama so whatever.
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  7. Can they replace Summer House with this group vacationing at Bluestone Manor every summer????
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  8. Only if they bring in Lindsay and Danielle.
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  9. "I mean you can dress Brandi up, but you can't take her many places."
  10. Oh God, with Allison Dubois as the co lead, The Real Coven of Beverly Hills.

    @andycohen make it happen.
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  11. I am loving Eva here but let's please not forget how little she brought to Atlanta. She had multiple times to step up to the plate when confronted about talking shit behind people's back and she just wasn't willing to play ball. She did an exceptional job dragging Marlo, and she is an absolute joy for RH:UGT but I think it would be more of the same if she were brought back.

    I'm all for a Phaedra renaissance, however.
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  12. Don’t do this to me. There’s no reason we can’t have both.
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  13. Hen have you seen that rumoured cast... all fit boys out, all couples in, make it make sense a tad with the premise.

    (Though Lindsey and Danielle deserve to lead RHONY:TNG)
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  14. Alex, Luke and Andrea never deserved a spot on the series in the first place, so sounds like a massive win to me.
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  15. When I realised Jill was sitting right next to her as she said it.

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  16. Lmao they need to bring Brandi back next season. She's a mess but she makes for great drama.
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  18. But she's not lying
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  19. I've never watched her actual seasons, but Eva is very undeniably charming, charismatic, and loveable. Which is funny because... I'm not sure those are qualities that actually make a good housewife, NN, but I'm not surprised she's a radio personality instead.
  20. Honestly the only scene that truly mattered from Eva’s 3 seasons on RHOA was her committing vehicular manslaughter and running over Marlo with a bus in Tokyo.
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