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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. Chaos. Utter chaos.

    That’s all I can say about this show.
  2. A small part of me kind of wishes that this season wasn't held at Bluestone Manor so that when it came to arguments, the playing field was even and housewives could go toe to toe with Dorinda when she goes off without the whole thought of "I'm in her house so I need to bow down eventually".
  3. This last episode was like watching a legit scary movie. Either Dorinda was going to spontaneously stab someone or Richard's ghost was going to release ha balloons.
  4. I really love this whole thing revolving around her though and it's incredible to see the Russian roulette of who's life she will suddenly choose to end next.

    Also my jaw dropped when Jill spilled about her relationship history with Dorinda. They are the stars of this for me.
  5. Yeah, Jill finally entered the chat with this episode. She was a BIT of a non-event in the first few episodes, despite a few funny moment. But this perfectly set up her and Dorinda transitioning to RHONY: Legacy. They have so much history that we've never gotten to explore. Add Lu, Sonja, and MAYBE Ramona... it'll be pure chaos.
  6. Jill providing that background about Dorinda was a fascinating perspective to get and also I was kii'ing at how Jill can absolutely NOT stop herself from talking shit! It's biologically impossible for her.
  7. That's relatable though
  8. Tamra & Vicki scrambling to remove all the evidence of food & drink from their room was killing me, then them policing everyone else afterwards ASHFBAHSF
  9. Vicki finally arrived this episode, loved seeing the return of herself & Tamra's hilarious double act. Dorinda spending her day terrorising everyone was great also. Jill hit the nail on the head when she said Dorinda's become more evil over the years.. it's true! Speaking of, it was sooo interesting to the lore of RHONY to witness the tension between the two women. Look forward to seeing how that develops.
  10. Dorinda stalking Jill through every room to drag her with her phone's flashlight on the entire time is art.
  11. BTG


    It’s wild that Bravo haven’t taken advantage of that history between Dorinda and Jill before now. Baffling decision.
  12. This! If they hadn't let Dorinda block Jill from coming to that season 12 Berkshires trip and we ended up with season 13 featuring Ramona, Lu, Sonja, Dorinda, Jill, Leah, and Bershan, RHONY would not be in the dire situation that it's in. They truly shit the bed letting Dorinda go when they did.
  13. I was concerned after the first few that this wasn’t going to quite live up to my expectations but this episode was perfection!
  14. Give a raise to whoever got all these women in the same house together.

    Also use this season as a blueprint for how to cast future Housewives i.e you need a mix of shady, nice, funny and complete bonkers women.
  15. That episode was...

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  16. This scene has already gone in the top of the best Housewives scenes ever, absolutely bonkers, hilarious and messy.

    Dorinda... never changes, and bless her for that.
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  17. It’s interesting how, over the years, Jill has mellowed as a person and Dorinda has just increasingly leaned into being an unapologetic and aggressive asshole. And I do feel from little tidbits that Dorinda hasn’t made it nice for Jill since she left the show.

    I think D was a great addition back in the day but now she’s overbearing to the point of irritation. She’s been left unaccountable and unchecked for far too long and it seems like her “pause” and the reasons for it still have not resonated with her. I mean she’s obviously drinking again (although Vicki deserved that slurred verbal assault) but mostly, her arguments are exhausting because she never admits any wrongdoing whatsoever, in any context.
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  18. Dorinda is a STAR and anyone who says otherwise can use an EZ pass to exit the Holland tunnel!!!

  19. Here I thought Dorinda was the iconic villain this season when it was actually dark liquor this whole time!
  20. Honestly Dorinda terrorizing and making Tamra cry (who from the little I saw of RHOC I'd say is one of the messiest and evil Housewives, which obviously makes her great, but you get my point) was a scream, truly the reversed Ramona experience.
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