The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Series

Candiace immediately going for Porsha's neck with the Falynn issue!! We won again.

Also i like what is being teased. It is mostly the same dynamics these women had on their last season but it seems like they were being questioned bluntly (kudos to Gizelle for calling out Heather) which feels fresh or they were giving extra details. Leah also seems like she is semi fun again.
As previously stated, it looks very mid. It seemed like Leah was missing from a lot of the group shots so she really must leave halfway through?
Leah seems a little subdued in the trailer. I'm possibly imagining that, I suppose. Or she's traumatised by Season 13 of RHONY like all of us?
Ha! Heather is lucky she’s on SLC which gave her some time before the ladies realized what a shit stirrer she is, but I love that these experienced vets got it from the jump.

I actually think Thailand is going to be really good, it’s just the wait that ruined expectations. I really hope they don’t do the same thing with season four. It’s hard to be invested in basically a week of filming when it airs a year later.
Porsha and Gizelle look wonderful.

Okay, this is absolute chaos. It’s actually kind of refreshing to watch all the women rehash their issues with everyone’s different opinions chiming in. It makes for an interesting dynamic.

Porsha and Gizelle are a DANGEROUS duo.
Candiace and Leah are the underdog duo I didn’t expect.
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