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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls' Trip

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. The sooner we get through season one the faster we get to season 2. On with it!
  2. I feel like the trailer has done it a disservice because I believe the show will turn out to be great. They just knee-capped it with shoddy editing, we’ll see!
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  3. It looks ok, definitely more excited for season 2!

    Curious for Cynthia vs Kyle, Ramona vs Kenya will no doubt be amazing.
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  4. I think it looks great. It’s the GOODBYE KYLE they shoehorned into it for me.
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  5. It looks as fine and fun as I expected. Not a franchise best, but a perfectly enjoyable ride.
  6. Yea this is exactly what I expected. It was filmed over 8 days, they were never going to have as many explosive moments as a season filmed over several months and spanning 20+ episodes. If we get some decent Kenya VS Ramona moments + enough shade between the rest of the women, it'll be well worth it.
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  7. Kenya vs Ramona has me wet. Although by the sounds of things, it's Ramona vs everyone.
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  8. It looks like it'll be entertaining! Maybe this is why they are holding back RHONY... seeing if this puts the final nail in Ramona's RH career.
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  9. Kyle you licked enough balls last night let’s let someone else win
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  10. Cynthia seeing straight through Kim’s sister’s sneaky ways and calling her OUT.
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  11. “I’m not signing this if you cast my brother and sister-in-law” yaaasss break that fourth wall ladies!!

  12. This looks fun! I can’t wait to see Queen Ramona tormenting everybody while simultaneously not understanding why anybody is upset with her lol. She is such a gift.

    With the Teresa/Melissa stuff I hope Tre brings up the Sopranos audition tape and the fact that Melissa and Joe auditioned with the goal of destroying her. It was nice to see them right after this truce.
  13. I’m pleasantly surprised by the trailer. Kenya fucking shines as usual, she’s giving us looks, drama, shade and funny moments and honestly, that’s all I need from season one. And of course I’m excited to see Kenya and Teresa drag Ramona.

    Not fucking “GOODBYE KYLE!” being Kyle’s most iconic moment. I’m done.
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  14. Ok who is gonna start the petition for Aviva being the center in the season 3's line up?
  15. Phew, Kenya and Ramona carry that trailer but I will say it looks like Melegend Gorgeous still knows how to turn it on, fake or not!
  16. Aviva, Sonja, Camille, Gizelle, Lisa Barlow, Sheree, Danielle...

    Season 3, at the farm where Aviva lost her leg as a child.
  17. I imagine a few of the wives (Ramona) will walk in with the mentality of "I only have to be with these women for 8 days, I don't care what they think of me."
  18. DAS


    I’m really excited for season 1 and 2 of this actually. The cast for this season is really some of the best, present housewives (Kenya, LuAnn, Tre, Ramona and Kyle are iconic but not necessarily for the best reasons)

    I’m hoping that this will become a regular spin off season, I’d like the third season to be housewives rivals coming back together - kinda of like Denise and Brandi from BH, Margaret and Jennifer from NJ, Kenya and Porsha from ATL and maybe Braunwyn and Kelly from the OC (these are just some random feuds from the top of my head, I’d have to think about a better more rounded cast)
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  19. We haven't discussed Daddy Mo turning up stoned and hung on probably the last night of the trip
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  20. Of course Kyle, who I'd argue out of all the ladies on the cast is the one that has brought less to her franchise, is the one that gets a guest.

    Perched to see Ramona bringing chaos wherever she goes
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