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The Real World - Homecoming (Paramount +)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by sometimesxtc, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. Is anyone watching this? I loved the original series in the 90s (well, maybe the first six or seven reasons?), but the NYC Homecoming reunion this year has been fascinating if, if not a little one note.

    It's intriguing getting to "meet" these people again almost 30 years later - especially Kevin who has obviously proved himself right on everything. It's great to see him getting an entirely different treatment by both the production and housemates this time round.

    It's obviously produced within an inch of its life and always reeks of Middle America (especially the seasons that followed), but this was a particularly creative group of individuals who had no concept of what they were signing up for when they effectively became the first proper reality TV cast way back when.
  2. I’ve been meaning to start this, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  3. I've really been enjoying it, I think it's extremely well-produced considering all the restraints of the pandemic. The conversations have been fascinating to watch. Though seeing Becky show herself to be the epitome of white fragility was so disappointing and at times infuriating to witness.
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  4. I was kinda living for Becky dressing up real extra on the original season, where she wore that scarf around her head, black sunglasses and red lipstick for her confessionals so I was all the more shocked how she completely unraveled in episodes 2 & 3 of this reunion and showed her true colours. Her ignorance is just so mind boggling but also a really good display of this Karen mentality that's damaging to society.
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  5. I can't with Becky. So disappointing. Used to have the biggest crush on Eric and he could still get it.
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  6. Becky saying "Provence", replete with phlegmy French accent, sent me!

    As did Eric eating a yellow capsicum like an apple on camera.
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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm on episode 3 and thusfar I feel like some people are just better at knowing what to say in front of a camera (or how it's probably clever to text certain housemates before going into this) and also... is there anyone past 40 who doesn't become an inspirator or spiritual?
    I'm not sure yet if I like any of these people.. Okay, Heather seems great.

    Also the 'think of how this will look on camera'-argument felt.. off?
    Like: either you have just really shitty views or you're not but 'think about what the viewers will think of this' shouldn't really be an argument
  8. This is EXCELLENT! I don’t know why their ages worried me when I’m obsessed with housewives in their 40s and 50s. I thought this was great especially considering Covid and that Eric couldn’t be there in person. It’s nice to see the evolution of people and then how unfortunately Becky hasn’t changed at all.

    I don’t know when I’ll watch the final episode simply because I don’t want it to end. More reunion seasons like this would be nice. I’d even be down for hybrid reunions involving people from multiple seasons.
  9. I thought this too! It seemed like a weird moment to capture in the final edit too? Andre mouthing off about Becky in front of the unknowingly rolling camera was great.
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  10. They were just trying to save her from looking like an idiot, thinking about the first time they filmed in 92 where they were speaking without thinking too hard about reception. They're saying they are attempting to understand where she's coming from as friends but that audiences will be receiving this at face value. Seems redundant but Ms. Self-Proclaimed Poster-Child-For-White-Privelege clearly never got the memo.
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  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    This was a nice show, very nostalgic (great music choices too) even though I doubt 11 year old me watched season 1? (but I did recognize some clips)
    Somehow the whole old vs new footage made me really emotional at times.
    Tempted to go and watch the original season now but I'm not sure it will be enjoyable knowing how some of 'it' turned out...

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  12. Um...
  13. Norm was clearly channeling
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  14. I really enjoyed every minute of this. I watched the original and was excited to see everyone again. Becky was being as thick as could be. I do wish there were a couple more episodes but that’s ok. It would of been nice if Eric could of made it in the house before it ended but they were being very safe which was good. It was the start of something huge in the 90’s.
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  15. As excited as I am for the LA season, since the first was far more compelling than I expected, a New Orleans reunion might be my most anticipated season of television ever. It was the season that first made me a fan of the show & that cast still holds a special place in my heart.
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  16. New Orleans is the first season that I watched from start to finish as it was airing. I recorded the complete season on VHS as I wasn’t always home when it aired, so I went back and watched it quite a bit. It was the first season my boyfriend saw, ever, so he shrieked when he read that article. As soon as he said, “Take a guess at what city is next for the next season of Homecoming,” I knew immediately it was New Orleans. I agree, though. LA will be exciting, but New Orleans is next level.
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  17. Echoing the sentiments about NoLa. It was my in with the series growing up an MTV kid and Danny was my first crush I can remember as a young gay youth.

    Can’t wait to see where Julie (she’s the home state girl) and Melissa are in life. Kelly gets to walk in and be Mrs Scott Wolf. It will be fun to see them all back together.
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  18. It's been a minute, but LA always felt like the forgettable one in what was an endlessly rewatchable first 9 seasons (everything up until New Orleans). Still perched for the return of chaotic Beth S.
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