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The Real World - Homecoming (Paramount +)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by sometimesxtc, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. THIS is gonna be good.
  2. I can’t believe I’m going to see the iconic Melissa and Julie on my TV again. Looks they both brought the drama and I wouldn’t expect anything less!
  3. Wow this looks like it’s going to be 3 for 3 so far!
  4. I can’t believe this is so close to coming out. I’m really excited now.
  5. A+ decision making for the music in that trailer

    Melissa is a top 5 Real Worlder and I cant wait for her to read Julie down yet again. Looking forward to this as New Orleans was one of the very best seasons
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  6. This was such a good season and the reunion looks amazing! They’re doing such a great job with this Homecoming series! I’m curious how I’ll feel when they do a season I wasn’t in love with.

    I’m also glad Paramount Plus is going to finally put New Orleans on streaming. I cannot WAIT to relive it!
  7. But when is Queen Tami going to make her last review video?!?
  8. Julie is really going to be the star of this reunion and serve Real Housewives style messery isn't she? I mean her antics are ALL over that trailer. Is that her making out with someone in the hot tub at 1:20 too? I know she has kids, but she must be recently divorced or something.

    Also - they'll be streaming the original season on Paramount+ a week before the premiere.
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  9. Well this looks absolutely incredible & cannot come soon enough. New Orleans is the reason I started caring about The Real World, and reality television as a genre, and remains peak television.
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  10. Danny was definitely a gay awakening for me and he still looks good! Come on be my baby tonight!

  11. Julie is so compelling to watch and listen to. There's still a bit of a neurotic, unhinged quality about her - but she's also endearing and has an interesting perspective and story to tell. Really excited to see her deliver on Homecoming.

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  12. We’ve been binging season nine in anticipation for the new season. This is still my favorite cast and season. Melissa remains god-tier. I’m too excited for this season of homecoming. I’m hoping chaos that leads to closure by the end of it. If any season has a happy ending, please let it be this one.
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  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I think Hawaii was my first season that I really messed with (I was 11) but New Orleans is still so memorable as well. Even using David’s song during the trailer is giving me a kiiiii.
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  14. Watching the original New Orleans season, it's interesting seeing the dynamic of Julie and Melissa as friends, because I mostly remember Melissa going off on her the second they entered the house on Battle of the Sexes.

    "Did I do anything yet to offend you, did I do any-"
    "YET?! The past two years of my life..."

    "You're a backstabber, and you're a liar."
    "Then why are you still talking to me?"
    *hand holding up hair * "Because I wanna letcha know!!"

    Iconic. I stan Julie now but everyone knows she was shady back in the day.

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  15. Another fantastic premiere episode. The first half had me grinning with nostalgic glee (Danny and Melissa's reunion was adorable), while the latter half had me cringing in discomfort - but equally enthralled. By the looks of the trailer, this season is going to be just as messy as the last.

    Julie's broken relationship with Danny and Melissa is very interesting. I really appreciated the way Tokyo was able to articulate the nuances of the situation to try and help Julie better understand. She obviously did fucked up shit in the past but hopefully this will be a learning experience for her - because it looks like it's going to be a very turbulent ride.
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  16. The producers know exactly what we want giving us Melissa and Danny opening the show. I could listen to Melissa talk about quite literally anything and I do hope there was her own bag of rice hidden in her luggage somewhere. Danny being a Man of the Woods but make it likable. Suddenly I want to live in a shack.

    That power pose Melissa held as Julie came in was gay ecstasy. The way she and Danny held Julie's feet to the fire and refused to accept her shifting the blame. Those are my parents and the same Real Worlders I fell in love with 20+ years ago.
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  17. I’m about 2/3 of the way through my rewatch of the original New Orleans before I start the new Homecoming, and it truly is as delightful as I remember. I forgot how chaotic early Real World was, and how they would jump through multiple major storylines in the span of 20 minutes. But this was a group that was just so endearing; even when there were tensions, they were always trying to make things better and never let drama get the best of them. I also forgot just how likable Julie was in the original series, how her wide-eyed ignorance at seeing life outside of Utah for the first time made for such a fascinating experience, and how much of a bond she had with every other houseguest at the time. I can’t wait to see how that all imploded, and to have more Melissa & Danny in my life.
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  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I'm rewatching the original season right now y'all.

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  19. Uno


    I finally just finished the Los Angeles season and wow did they really bring the drama. I was worried for David when Tami's husband showed up.

    Tami is so perfect for reality TV. She's so charismatic, smart, and doesn't take anyone's shit. She needs to be on housewives immediately.
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