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The Real World - Homecoming (Paramount +)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by sometimesxtc, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. It's telling that Julie went into this wanting to make good TV and though accusing a Black man of assaulting her was the way to go. It's sad to see how she turned out. When you compare Julie from season one, both came from small towns and were close minded, but Julie (NY), who still lives in the house, is educating her kids on Black history and has truly opened her mind. It's a shame New Orleans Julie couldn't do the same. She seems to have go the opposite Karen route.

    Right now I'm tired of Julie. I wish she'd leave because we still know nothing about Jamie (who is SO sexy now), Matt and Kelly. I want to see more of the other cast members.
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  2. I can’t say I’m entirely surprised that Julie is self-producing drama to create “good” television. She talks about the decision to do Homecoming as if it was in response to not getting to do the first season of The Challenge All Stars. Almost like she wouldn’t have done Homecoming if The Challenge happened first. I wondered if she thought of Homecoming as a platform to show she could create drama for a show like The Challenge. This interview and today’s episode confirm it. She’s just looking for a career and opportunities at this point.

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  3. Her phone conversation in the hot tub was a scream. Like, she clearly knew they were both listening... her crazy eyes said it all. I too would like to see more Kelly and Jamie in his underwear. Matt seems as odd as he did the first time around.

    Was I the only one who found Danny and Paul's conversation a bit..... stunted, if not scripted? Paul seemed to have things to say too which did not make the final edit. In addition to the infidelity and pressures to stay together etc there seemed to be an implication of abuse in there too which I wasn't sure how to read or feel about at the end of it. I'm not sure an interaction between a heterosexual couple with a similar backstory would get the same edit.

    Melissa remains amazing. A beacon!
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  4. Talk about a fucking PLOT TWIST!

    Seeing Julie in the pool giving her analysis of the cast and scheming...My jaw literally dropped.

    What a nasty person.
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  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  6. Well, the new episode is a rollercoaster. I’m even more confused as to how this season is going to end than I was last week. They’re certainly keeping us on our toes.
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That preview certainly is giving us a shift - I think the Julie/Jamie ish is a fakeout, but the Matt/Danny stuff looks to be a genuine conversation to be fleshed out like Julie and Melissa. Speaking of which -

    I am really, really, glad that in the heat of the group meeting that Tokyo called, that Melissa later realized how cutting and direct she was handling Julie. I've been in that situation myself, where the truths about abrasive racism and that naive, yet dangerous ignorance about race can drive you to an emotional place when discussing your reality... leading to things boiling over and it seeming that if the other party doesn't get your moment right then and there, then they never will and you have to make a stand there regardless. Watching that, Julie was clearly being beaten into a corner, and her tears weren't simply white tears, they were tears of someone trying to voice something but no matter what; she wasn't being given space to move from said corner. Melissa realizing that and thus apologizing was paramount because in that situation something productive wasn't being molded, and it wasn't giving both parties an adequate place to reflect and respect their differences to accomplish that.

    One thing that I realized not only as a Black person but a Black Studies scholar is something large - it's no more a white person's fault for being born white than it is for me being a Black person being born Black. We are born into our spheres of influence, and how these spheres interact. Melissa realizing that Julie was born into an environment of privilege, that that privilege afforded her the ability to live freely if not ignorantly, and thus not having to explicitly be bound to racial politics on a growing and advancing level - was something I too had to confront - possessing privilege does not translate to automatic harm or offense. Julie yes, may be coming to these conversations hella late, hella disconnected, but to not afford her the space to talk about her interactions with race and from there, building those bridges to have conversations for her to peer into herself...that's big. Julie wanting to try is the actual very first step to getting her closer (if ever possible) to the intensity and energy that Melissa uses to speak about her experiences as a Black woman. By treating her appropriately (not with kiddy gloves) in a way that spotlights the seriousness of the conversation at hand - that lets her deconstruct the bullshit that has kept her from participating, and that's where it begins.

    White people may not ever fully 'get' it, but that's not the point. Getting to the space of understanding and valuing how discrimination and oppression along racial lines can belittle and devalue someone is. Julie is trying to get there, and Tokyo and Melissa both expressing themselves but later also noting and internalizing that is key. There's a powerful conversation at hand here and I'm glad that this is the season to bring it up. I really think collaboration is the key and even at a micro level, what we see on the show has the power to show how things need to work on a wider scale.
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  8. Melissa is brilliant and I could watch Julie declare she’s going to pull back and then pull focus in every conversation infinitely.
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  9. I love hearing your nuanced analysis of all this, thank you for sharing.

    This episode really was a rollercoaster and there’s a lot to unpack but that’s what makes this, along with the other Homecomings, some of the absolute best reality television of the last decade in my opinion. There’s such a complex dynamic between the people involved and production wise they’ve done a pretty incredible job with addressing everything from a balanced, explorative, meditative lense. It never feels like we’re just rushing through moments and scenes and gags like other shows, or milking drama just for the sake of it. Everything feels so purposeful and intentional.

    I’ve always felt The Real World was wrongly dismissed and snubbed of the critical acclaim it deserved in its golden years. Especially for the impact it had on viewers and society at large for the topics it explored and the platform it gave to young voices, all hailing from different backgrounds navigating the experience of cohabiting - many for the first time. None of these other reality shows out there would have a leg to stand on if it wasn’t for The Real World. If shows like Drag Race: Untucked can receive multiple consecutive Emmy wins, Homecoming at least deserves a bloody nomination.

    And also - my god, I was not expecting all that in the mid season trailer. This season continues to shock.
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  10. Well, that was another whirlwind. It appears the rollercoaster continues, but with a couple unexpected twists. It’s not just any rollercoaster, it’s a dueling rollercoaster, and the big surprise is
    Julie is in the train with the rest of the cast coasting along now, while Matt sits alone in the train barreling downhill with no incline in sight.

    I love a good plot twist.

    I also think @Mr.Arroz is right in terms of the Julie/Jamie fake out.
    After seeing next week’s preview, it’s looking like the big make out scene is Julie and her husband.
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  12. I’ve got this saved and need to start watching asap.
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    Seeing Julie vindicated is also very, very nice.
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  14. Julie's leggings continue to haunt my dreams.
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  15. Every one other than Melissa seems deep in a midlife crisis (which is providing a highly enjoyable viewing experience).
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  16. Julie is such an enigma. She truly does not know how to filter herself, and I find her behavior fascinating to analyze. The way she handled the whole Jamie and her husband situation was so odd. She’s handled many situations poorly in the house and is often highly cringeworthy; but at times she’s also quite endearing? I can empathize with her on a level. Also…you can’t deny this season revolves around her.
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    That's why I mentioned her being vindicated earlier - I think she clearly does what she does without malice, but she's also a decent person throughout it all.
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  18. I was still thinking about that exchange between Matt and Danny and Tokyo for no apparent reason and honestly how Danny held it together is remarkable. For a 40 year old man in 2022 to still be conflicted between his Catholic faith and (how he feels about) homosexuality is insane. It's not up to someone that you've just denounced to make you feel better about being a bigot. And then Kelley hearing him out and it somehow making sense made.... no sense.
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    Tokyo continually using "spirit animal" online is making me... SWELL.
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  20. Uno


    Toyko definitely had it in his contract when returning to have his music featured in the series, and honestly? Stan. The music is awful but he made sure he got that MTV coin so good for him.

    Matt and Kelly are really annoying and dull. Like, I know y'all are in your 40s but lighten the fuck up!
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