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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. 57 remixes of remedy please.
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  2. I'd be more excited if I knew they were going to use the original versions. But there were a number of wrong versions of the reissue of the first Now, so I'm not optimistic. A few tracks on Now 2 right up to Now 9 which have never been on CD anywhere in their true 45 versions.

    Julia and Company (never found that on CD at all) and Smiths (not found the 45 edit on CD) are the acid tests on Now 2 for me. Madness isn't quite right on CD either to my knowledge.
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  3. Wonder if this'll be a digipak (like the first reissue of NOW1) or a jewelcase (like its recent edition). If the latter, I'm going to have to buy NOW1 again.
  4. Given regular Now's are still in a jewel case, as was the reissue of Now 1, that would be my guess.
    But when did record companies ever act in a logical manner??
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  5. April 13th (the day after) is Record Store Day, so I'd guess they're going to do volumes 2-10 annually on or around this date and piggy back on the vinyl nostalgia? Suits me. I just hope they do gatefold card wallets for the CDs, otherwise it'll be missing out on a cute gimmick.
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  6. If they are planning to do all the missing CD versions from 2-9, it had better be quicker than once a year.
    Physical music might not exist is 7 years time in any shape or format!

    I'm still more concerned that they didn't do thorough research for Now 1, so it's unlikely later volumes will be the exact replicas I'd personally be looking for.
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  7. Perhaps they'll simply sequence them to coincide with the newer volume (three a year)? Now 2 + Now 102, Now 3 + Now 103, etc.?
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  8. Exact, correct replicas are virtually out of the question I guess. I'm shocked enough that the brand owners are taking a moment from the latest Keep Fit On Your Bouncy Castle Disney Karaoke BBQ edition to actually give a toss about the historic and much-wanted early iconic NOWs on CD.
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  9. Yes, that was what I thought might be going to happen. Must have been sufficient interest in Now 1 I suppose, but being the first it was kind of a special deal. Not sure whether further "classic" volumes will do as well. I hope the CDs do well enough to prevent any reissues becoming vinyl only.
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  10. One of the wrong tracks on Now 1 (Malcolm McLaren) has still never appeared on CD. It feels these Now reissues are the last ever chance for some of the tracks. But I suppose it's possible singles master tapes no longer exist for some hits, and the LP version is better than nothing. It preserves the track listing at least.

    But my main interest remains those elusive 45 versions, so I hope all the tracks which are not the original 45 versions are the ones I have on CD elsewhere!!
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  11. They ought to do a discounted deal on buying both old/new together - seems a no brainer?
  12. I think all the McLaren masters were lost by Charisma in the late 80s. He had to recreate everything from scratch (scuse the pun) when he released his first retrospective in the early 90s.
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  13. Can't see too many takers for music 35 years apart though.
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  14. Okay so this is actually happening now!


    I should be able to squeeze everything onto 8 discs (and use some of the fat amaray cases I have for such things), but the final tracklsiting is yet TBC. I'm thinking about 18 tracks on each CD, and each phase of her career doesn't carry over too much onto the next disc (occasionally it's going to be unavoidable). Will also see how many collaborations with others I can find in my collection (Phillip Glass, Chieftans, the Trio project, Aaron Neville's own album, etc).
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  15. image.jpeg
    I wonder if there will be a cassette reissue of NOW 2? For all the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch fans.
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  16. I should probably have never got rid of my cassettes, especially Into The Gap. But the CD reissue had everything on it, and it was 2008....
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  17. Update from Jon Marsh (The Beloved) about the next lot of digital singles, this time from 'Conscience'

    'right then. sorry it's been a bit quiet. i rashly ventured some dates before xmas for the online appearance of Blissed Out (full 16 mix 'cassette' version) and then for the second wave of remix audio, Conscience era.

    we had a few hiccups and glitches so things got slightly delayed. one beneficial consequence of that was we finally located a full length master of YLTMH (Simply Divine) which was pointed out by a few on here when we inadvertently uploaded a truncated version last year.

    and of course this makes the Timeless Dub of Don't You Worry available for the first time anywhere except on the original cassette album.

    so. when, you ask ?


    as i write there's still 19 1/2 hours left of today. i hope it manages to appear on all platforms as planned.

    and then ... march 8th. 41 mixes currently unavailable online. more specific info as we get closer to the date.

  18. I want this.
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  19. Here is a list of all the 'Conscience' mixes I know of, there are 46 altogether and Jon mentioned there were 41 of them currently unavailable on-line. If you remove the album versions, which are currently on-line, you get closer to 41. I am sure the Neneh Cherry versions will not be available as they were never officially released.

    Sweet Harmony

    Sweet Harmony (Conscience Radio Edit) 4:05
    Sweet Harmony (Album Version) 5:03
    Sweet Harmony (Live The Dream Mix) 7:15
    Sweet Harmony (Come Together And Consolidate Radio Edit) 4:12
    Sweet Harmony (Come Together And Consolidate Extended Mix) 7:12
    Sweet Harmony (Consolidated Club Mix) 6:50 [UK Edit]
    Sweet Harmony (Sweet Sensation Mix) 8:11
    Sweet Harmony (Sweetheart Club Mix) 8:15
    Sweet Harmony (Fertility Dance Mix) 6:03
    Sweet Harmony (Love The Dub Mix) 5:14
    Sweet Harmony (Consolated Dub Mix) 6:50
    Sweet Harmony (Tout De Suite Dub Mix) 6:21

    You've Got Me Thinking

    You've Got Me Thinking (7'' Mix) 3:55
    You've Got Me Thinking 4:08
    You've Got Me Thinking (feat. Neneh Cherry) 5:55
    You've Got Me Tripping (feat. Neneh Cherry) 6:35
    Motivation (Exercised) 7:13
    Motivation (Energised) 6:39
    Motivation (Empathised) 6:46

    Celebrate Your Life

    Celebrate Your Life (Radio Edit) 4:16
    Celebrate Your Life 5:32
    Celebrate Your Life (Fit For Life Radio Edit) 4:07
    Celebrate Your Life (Fit For Life Mix) 5:59
    Celebrate Your Life (Cat In The Hat) 7:06
    Celebrate Your Life (C'est La Vie Power Mix) 9:09
    Celebrate Your Life (Cool Cat Power Dub) 6:00
    Celebrate Your Life (Beats For Life) 2:19

    Outer Space Girl

    Outer Space Girl (Single Mix) 4:49
    Outer Space Girl (Space Cadet Mix) 8:59
    Outer Space Girl (Space Dust Mix) 5:28
    Outer Space Girl (Space Hopper Mix) 5:25
    Outer Space Girl (Organism Mix) 5:24
    Outer Space Girl (Lost In Bass Mix) 7:01
    Outer Space Girl (Destination Moon Mix) 9:03
    Outer Space Girl (Instrumental Mix) 5:20

    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love

    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love 4:36
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (Time To Believe Mix) 6:38
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (South Pacific Mix) 6:36
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (Swinging London Mix) 9:04
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (The MURK Ride) 5:25
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (MURK Extended Ride) 9:55
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (Shelter Mix)
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (Go! Mix)
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (Dub To Believe Mix)
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (Shelter! Me Dub) 5:29
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (Jungle Dub) 4:36
    Rock To The Rhythm Of Love (Ride To The Beat) 1:29
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  20. He will probably add these too (even though they were promo only) :

    1000 Years From Today

    1000 Years From Today (Adam & Eve's Timeless Vocal Mix) 7:31
    1000 Years From Today (Adam & Eve's Commotion Mix) 6:03
    1000 Years From Today (Doc Baron's 101.9 Mix) 5:57
    1000 Years From Today (Doc Baron's 80° Proof Mix) 6:27
    1000 Years From Today (Todd Edwards' Dub Mix) 5:43

    Which means we might lose other stuff.
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