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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

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  2. I had another thought about this.... it's the year off the pig this year, no?!
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  3. SockMonkey

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    I had no idea all the digital singles from the Happiness era (and before) had been added to Spotify, and now my day is much better. Now that instrumental version of Scarlet Beautiful is also available, my life is much better. I hated that it was only on the 7” of It’s Alright Now!
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  4. If it is connected to that it could mean we'll get 3-5 Re-Released as well, but I like to imagine they'll be released with the new numbered NOW. (102 & 2, 103 & 3, etc).

    I don't mind if they're not the all the correct versions, the team probably get given whatever the labels give them and they can't really argue about it.
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  5. You're not far wrong!

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  6. I'll take album versions instead of correct 7" mixes, just please no vinyl rips (I don't know if stuff like Julia & Co. or The Art Company have ever existed in pristine CD form...the copy of Breakin Down that I have from a soul/funk compilation is from vinyl).
  7. I disagree. Attention to detail is crucial for something like this and sadly lacking among many people in the creative industries. If the correct masters can't be found for those single versions, then they should consider vinyl rips.
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  8. From the superdeluxeedition comments for the NOW 2 CD reissue image.jpeg
  9. Why didn't Martin buy the hard to find vinyl editions at the time?
    They weren't exactly scarce. Just unloved.

    Can't understand people saying release 1-20 or 1-16 or so other random number on CD.
    All you need is 1-9 done properly.
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  10. I both agree and disagree, I suppose. I feel the industry should make more effort, but it seems that old mastertapes have not been logged and looked after properly, and even if they have, the machinery to play/convert them is so ancient it's a task in itself. The future we hoped for and expected just hasn't happened, sadly. Likewise, vinyl rips - as offered by the industry - are terrible, but members of the public do better jobs (I'm thinking of one particular blog, and they are often sensational) so I loathe them and can be happy with them at the same time.
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  11. NOW 36 onwards. On Vinyl. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

    Now (oops) I've heard everything.

    Yep, we need the first 9 done, and then if possible the others up to 20-ish, where they start to became scarce and pricey.
  12. What Ive never understood is why there isnt a organisation setup by the record companies that look after and preserve older music, everything released gets stored, there you will find the 7inch versions , the b sides and the remixes (all completely labelled correctly etc) the complete albums and so on. (like a museum for music etc)

    That way then when certain songs are needed - they just go and get a copy from them, and the correct dues are paid etc.

    The internet as been around for us over 24years the industry could have digitized everything in lossless and if some label wanted to release certain tracks they would simply request them receive the lossless format (ie wav) pay the dues and hey presto the correct version is released, it would surely be better than what it is now.
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  13. You have two parties involved - the compilers and the labels. The latter will often be oblivious to the nuances of 7" edits / album versions etc but the former should know the product they are reissuing. So I feel the onus is on them to challenge what they're provided with. Vinyl rips not ideal but can sound fine - once flagged on the sleeve notes and if there's only one or two then I'd live with them.

    On a separate note - I wish SDE wouldn't monitor the comments or at least when you hit post you should get a "your comment is pending and in moderation" message so that you know it's at least been submitted. My site filters out obvious spam - surely his could be able to do the same. He can always delete a comment if not happy.
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  14. I think if Now were to pick up where they left off with issueing Now 36 onwards on vinyl, then surely they would have released Now 100 and 101 on vinyl?
    I’d be happy for a condensed 20 track edition of recent Nows because let’s be honest, there’s a lot of rubbish on them now, even 20 tracks selected would be pushing it.
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  15. The SDE comments format does my head in. The layout, the content, the way you don't know if your comment's gone through....
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  16. Time lines - they leave the final tracklisting decisions to as late as they can whilst still producing hundreds of thousands of CDs for release date. One of vinyl's many quirks is that it takes two months to turn around, minimum.
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  17. I wouldn’t mind waiting an extra 2 months for a vinyl edition, surely as a business they could come to a production schedule with the pressing plants 3 times a year where the Now compilations has the pressing slots booked way in advance.
  18. I'm soooo over vinyl, I can't. At this point, I'd settle even for a digital release of those B-sides.
  19. Thanks for the offer ImCal. Much appreciated. Everything else I have is in the MP3 format so I shall stick with that. Thanks again.

  20. Ok m8 no probs i dont do mp3 only lossless ie flac and cd.
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