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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I hope there's a lossless version somewhere.
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  2. Thanks for all the help and advice re: Duran Duran. Love this part of the forum. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Its my birthday next week and bound to get some Amazon vouchers but have added the original CD albums to my wishlist. A lot of them are £4.99 or £5.99 each and will get that Singles Boxset used from a third party seller too.
    Thanks again all.
  3. I would go for the singles box, i have them both never regretted buying them.
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  4. Isn't the 2nd one copy protected? I saw a scan of the box on discogs or ebay....what a strange thing to do for a boxset release.

    (Of course, today's drives don't have a problem with copy protected discs).
  5. Late to this, but as my favourite subject! Youll find something interesting in every DD album (even Paper Gods and Astronaut). Do try Liberty, its flawed but an amazing pot pourri of 1989/90. Thank You, despite being named worst album ever by NME, is really good. Big Thing is quite simply an amazing album, the deluxe is a must buy.
  6. Liberty has Serious on it, so I will never dismiss that album. There are also some other pretty decent tracks, but it was the great summer of disappointing albums from my faves (Prince, Duran, Human League) and my expectations were low anyway!
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  7. Good luck @biffy77 with Duran Duran. I didn't realize to reading your post and the responses how much I appreciate their music. I've been a fan for years but always considered myself a casual fan. I don't have a lot post-1993 but at their peak they really were incredible.

    I didn't realize I had so much Duran in my collection - some of the 2010 remasters which are horrible sound-wise but the content is good; the 2-CD Rio, the CD/DVD Live at Hammersmith (which I got in a clearance sale at HMV for $10), the 2-CD reissue of Notorious ($3 in a HMV clearance sale!) and the CD/DVD of Greatest (another $3 clearance item).

    I also love the 2-CD Strange Behaviour.
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  8. Funkytowngrooves have some rare titles coming back into very limited stock.


    First come, first served apparently. You can get an extra 10% off by using MAY10 discount code.

    Been after Windjammer II on CD for an eternity.
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  9. Been after Windjammer II on CD for an eternity.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the heads-up on this, now ordered from FTG!
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  10. (Misquoting @Eric Generic) Liberty has My Antarctica on it, so I will never dismiss that album.
    Well, I like quite a lot the titletrack, too
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  11. Big Thing has grown on me massively over the last few years, helped of course by it containing easily my favourite DD single: All She Wants Is.
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  12. Think I'll contact Warners with my idea for a 10-disc Bowie: Never Let Me Down Super Deluxe Edition.....

    It includes my 6-disc set
    CD1: 1987 EMI America original
    CD2: The Alternative Edit (Single Mixes, Vinyl Edits)
    CD3: 1999 Abbey Road remaster
    CD4: 2018 Loving The Alien boxset remaster
    CD5: The Remixes (12" versions, remixes, promo versions)
    CD6: 2018 Remix/Remake with added production & instrumentation

    CD7: Glass Spider Tour #1
    CD8: Glass Spider Tour #2
    DVD: Glass Spider Tour
    Vinyl: Never Let Me Down (Remaster)

    Also features a mini replica glass spider in special presentation box (manufactured in the Zi Duang Province of an eastern country).

    Wonder how many takers there might be for this?
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  13. [​IMG]

    Wang Chung Re-Issues in the Autumn.

    From Vinny Vero :

    'Finally! After more than two years, I am able to reveal part of the work I’ve been doing on behalf of the mighty Wang Chung.

    I have been spending a lot of that time researching, curating and producing deluxe editions of the band’s first three albums - “Huang Chung”, “Points On The Curve” and “Music From The Motion Picture ‘To Live And Die In L.A.’” Currently, they are scheduled to be released during the autumn of 2019. The reissues of “Huang Chung” and “Points On The Curve” will each be available as a 3CD set, while “Music From The Motion Picture ‘To Live And Die In L.A.’” will arrive as a 2CD collection. Expect a treasure trove of bonus material including singles, b-sides, remixes, alternate versions, and live tracks, plus more demos and previously unreleased recordings than you can possibly imagine. All tracks have been sourced using the original master tapes.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, my dedicated, deluxified and delightful friends. There will be lots more to tell you in the coming weeks and months regarding Wang Chung. In fact, the plan is to release numerous projects and products through the beginning of 2021! Start saving your silver and collecting your cash. The forthcoming release of “Orchesography”, the brand new orchestral album by Wang Chung, is only the beginning! The next 18 months or so will truly be the very best dance hall days the group’s faithful legion of fans could fathom. So, let’s go!'
  14. I actually like this. Never Let Me Down gets too much flack.
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  15. Has anybody mentioned these Gold albums for Kiki Dee and Brotherhood Of Man?

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  16. Also there is a Average White Band Gold compilation.

    1. Pick Up The Pieces
    2. Cut The Cake
    3. Get It Up For Love (with Ben E. King)
    4. Walk On By
    5. For You, For Love
    6. Soul Searching
    7. Atlantic Avenue
    8. Why
    9. Ace Of Hearts
    10. Love's A Heartache
    11. Kiss Me
    12. Catch Me (Before I Have To Testify)
    13. You Got It
    14. Shine
    15. Let's Go Round Again

    1. Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?
    2. If I Ever Lose This Heaven
    3. A Star In The Ghetto (with Ben E. King)
    4. A Love Of Your Own
    5. Easier Said Than Done
    6. When Will You Be Mine
    7. Queen Of My Soul
    8. She's A Dream
    9. Keepin' It To Myself
    10. One Look Over My Shoulder (Is This Really Goodbye?)
    11. Miss Sun
    12. Cloudy [live]
    13. Same Feeling, Different Song
    14. Work To Do
    15. Put It Where You Want It

    1. Feel No Fret
    2. The Jugglers
    3. Person To Person
    4. School Boy Crush
    5. Stop The Rain
    6. Love Your Life
    7. The Message (with Ben E. King)
    8. Big City Lights
    9. I'm The One
    10. Love Won't Get In The Way
    11. Got The Love
    12. This World Has Music
    13. Your Love Is A Miracle
    14. Goin' Home
    15. I Heard It Through The Grapevine [live]

    £5.99 at Amazon.
  17. With the release of the Elton John Film "Rocketman" i was thinking perhaps we would see some deluxe editions or even a cd single boxset with the 7inches & 12inches and b-sides, but NO we just get Diamonds... come on Reg get your shit together.
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  18. Yeah, isn't Diamonds being reissued again?

    I'm surprised we are not getting another deluxe edition with covers by Ed Sheeran.
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  19. Hey Ed Sheeran Ive got a shed to put my gear in...., yh diamonds is getting released again what is it with these mega pop stars , Janet, Madge, Elton not wanting there deluxes released?
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  20. Well fuck me!
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