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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Yes, all her B-Sides. Some of them are really nice.
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  2. Perfect. I’ll pre-order the first two for sure then and then I’ll check the third.

    Are they releasing these in blocks of three?
  3. Dancing in The Dark and House of Salome are amazing!
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  4. Same!
  5. No, this project is just her RAK output.
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  6. Sorry Kim, but I simply don't care about those albums. I was waiting for Love is.
    Sorry not sorry to be rude
  7. Ooh at the Kim Wilde CD/DVD sets. No doubt they'll be NTSC DVDs though
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  8. The new mixes on the Kim sets are surely... not essential, but I guess they had to pad them out with something to make it seem like value for those who already own the re-issues from a decade or thereabouts ago.
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  9. Quite excited about the new Kim Wilde releases. I really hope we will also get deluxe editions of the 90s albums.
  10. Definitely interested in these. I don't have her early albums.

    I do hope we get updated reissues of Another Step and Close with DVDs.
  11. I hope it isnt 68 euro either - unless its' 10 CDs!!
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  12. Probably but they still look pretty amazing to me and more than I thought we'd ever get for this (golden) period of Kim. Wasn't expecting any new or unreleased material from this era so I pretty much pissed myself with excitement she I saw this.
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  13. Do I want to buy these first three albums on CD for the fourth time? Hmmm.

    If the DVD content exists for it to be included piecemeal across each related album/era, then it could be collected on one release. I'd pay £20 or whatever for that.
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  14. I’ve got the single, and I can confirm the echoes are there.
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  15. Still no improvement - have made a few comments there in recent days, only two have gone through. Doesn't seem to want a comment outlining the full list of Now 4 errors on the relevant articles.
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  16. I visit SDE less and less. Not especially down to Mr SDE, the recent NOW4 vs HITS piece was fun. It's just tiring to read through, with that format. And the vinyl obsessions.
  17. I feel as though I should be excited about those Kim Wilde re-issues, but, I only recently bought all the previous reissues and they are great, in terms of single versions, remixes and b-sides etc. I agree I want Love Moves and Love is, even Now and Forever with If I Can't Have You tagged on the end.
  18. I agree. It wasn't what I expected, or wanted.
  19. If the Kim Wilde DVDs are PAL, I may be tempted. Though I hope they're not 16:9 with pillarbox bars (it should all be 4:3 material) as well, if they are. I am hard to please...

    I understand they need a new selling point for those who have the re-issues that are about 10 years old, but the new remixes are totally unnecessary (for me).
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  20. I too want Love Moves and Love Is remastered but still really happy with these new remasters. Finally a 12"/extended mix of Kids in America, her music videos finally on DVD, bonus tracks? I'm sold. If these sell well there's a possibility they may do more.

    Also the poster who said they are put off the 3rd album as they don't like Love Blonde. I promise you Love Blonde is not like any of the other tracks. Catch As Catch Can is a great 80s album, pretty experimental at the time. House of Salome, Back Street Joe, Can you Hear it, Sparks and Sing It Out For Love are all 10/10 Kim songs for me and Dream Sequence is really weird in a good way.

    I love how in Kim's first 4 albums a lot of the songs told interesting stories, (Cambodia, Wendy Sadd, Chaos at The Airport, House of Salome, Suburbs of Moscow and Bladerunner to name a few). Whereas after Close she only ever seemed to sing love songs. EDIT: However Here Come The Aliens changed that.
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