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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. OOh, thank you. Done!
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  3. €12.99 for the 3CD is a good deal.

    here’s the link to Amazon France where it is £21.95

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  5. It got close. Dropped to £31 at one point, but now back up to £70.
  6. FNAC ship to the UK, they sent my France Gall 2CD set in super-quick time. But I do find there are issues with postcodes being recognised on some sites.
  7. My FNAC order went through, and will be billed to my € euro current account. Website accepted my London postcode, and I entered my city as LONDON / LONDRES for good measure.

    I did look at having a day out in Lille or Paris and collecting in–store at those prices (until I remembered I hate Paris).
  8. Strange! Wonder why it doesn’t like mine??

  9. Country wise do you have it under Royaume Uni?
  10. Yes!
  11. Space between the postcode? ie PE3 6QU Ive never had a issue with a order?
  12. My order for Raw Sushi seems to have gone through as well.
    It took a while to set up my address, but got there in the end.
  13. Fnac website closed for maintenance !
    Fermé momentanément pour travaux
    un peu de patience, nos ouvriers sont sur le coup...

    I think they noticed that they were selling an over-40€- boxset just for 12 !
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  14. Its back up and still same price...
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  15. Just ordered my Neneh from fnac for £15.21 inc. P&P. I hope they honour it, I am not sure why Paul from SDE thinks they won't.
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  16. I was trying to order from Fnac, but the shipping costs aren't so clear. The Neneh Cherry boxset costs 12,99€ and that's a fact. When I placed my order, it costed 4 euros more. When I checked the order in my email, it states that it costs 12,99 (no shipping costs anywhere!), then I look at "mon panier" on the Fnac website, and I can see no shipping costs, too.
    I think I didn't sign any a-la AmazonPrime thing subscription
  17. Shipping for my order was 4.40 euros, that's for both the vinyl + the CD set.
  18. I've also ordered off of Fnac. If this all works ok I will be thrilled!
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  19. I just ordered the 3cd boxset. Maybe they’ll charge it when they actually send it
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