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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I suspect to direct people to cynically. There is no more evidence amazon will honour it either. The original fnac post on SDE was deleted. If we get both the cd and vinyls for 30 euro, it will be bargain of the year in January!!!

    They are 88 and 125 euro respectively now.
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  2. Not a big Neneh fan but at that price I. even toyed with buying them to flog on in due course
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  3. Anyone else's Neneh orders from fnac been cancelled?
  4. I wonder why.
  5. Raw like sushi 3cd boxset is currently "Indisponible en ligne".
    My order is still there, but I can't see any price, at all.
    Well, it's just almost a week to wait and see. I'm not cancelling the Amazon order, tho'
  6. FNAC has got cold feet? As stated above, the box sets are 88€ and 125€ now. I don’t know much about french contract law but I guess as it hadn’t taken the full purchase price FNAC can cancel the order? #fuckFNAC
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  7. I didin't receive any mail cancelling the order, tho'
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  8. I haven't got one either.
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  9. The pricing was obviously a mistake (much like when Juno had the entire Bowie LTA boxset digitally for £12!), so my thinking is that if the orders get honoured consider it a bonus. They probably don't have to. Pretty much everyone guessed it might be too good to be true!
  10. You are so right, @Eric Generic : if we get that, it's a huge bonus ! But I think Fnac has quite some new customers, thanx to that mistake... IF everything oes well, they have some people who will look very carefully at Fnac website everytiume they buy online... people who are not buying just one item a year and people who are not afraid to spend some good money, too
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  11. I was pleased with my first FNAC experience..the France Gall 2CD....I'd probably use them again. But even at the magic price, I couldn't justify the Raw Like Sushi set when it won't meet my expectations...I'd rather compile my own. Otherwise I'd have taken the risk as well!
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  12. WAIT ! Why does it not meet your expectations ? What does it lack ? It looked quite good to me, with all those remixes ! But I'm not a Neneh (huge) fan
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  13. It lacks total completism, haha. A few things aren't there which I'd want to be on any RLS deluxe.
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  14. Speaking of Fnac, I think there's a deal: 10€ tous les 100€ d'achat avec le code FNAC10
  15. Just noticed on Deezer the neneh cherry deluxe is there some tracks not available until 30th.
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  16. A few remixes have been released over the last month or so leading up to it's release so it's probably them. Loving the Club Mix of 'Heart'
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  17. I have a lot of the cd singles... so maybe not worth me buying it.. i just might get the digitals of what i don`t have, can`t justify paying that much for what it is etc.
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  18. I would like to buy an Alison Moyet collection, but according to a Discogs review, "the Best of - 25 years revisited" sounds very bad, especially the older tracks. So, could you suggest me a good collection ? Thank you all
  19. "Singles" from 1995.
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  20. Can't go wrong with that - all killer, no filler.
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