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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. @AcerBenII sorry to ask, but considering the past, have you heard the final master of the boxset ? Really hope there are no glitches around !
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  2. I am here for the Ace Of Base box set - looks great! Is there a release date yet?

    The only album of theirs I don´t already own is The Golden Ratio. Would have been nice if that were included, just to own it. But I don't really consider it an Ace of Base album anyways.
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  3. Ace of Base: releasing on June 26th
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  4. No I haven't got a copy yet. Wouldn't expect any major problems. I helped out to replace some bad or vinyl copies in the Playground archive with CD rips.
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  5. No that would've just upset people I think!
  6. Yeah, I guess you are right. I did not buy the album at the time, partly because my partner (who has been a big fan from the beginning) was absolutely furious about the whole thing.
  7. I was oddly OK with it funnily enough. I'd have preferred an album with Jenny but if that wasn't possible, then I was prepared to support the new girls. And it was a quite enjoyable album.
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  8. Is this available anywhere other than amazon at the moment?
  9. I don't think I like Ace of Base much but that set looks amazing.
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  10. Not yet, but I'd expect it to be soon.
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  11. I see some of these box sets that are released and the work that goes into them, sourcing hidden gems, never heard before stuff, alt versions etc, and I feel slightly hard done to as a huge fan of other bands who don't get anywhere near the same treatment (Human League, Japan)
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  12. Golden Ratio was a great post Gaga 'of that era' album, bop after bop. A shame a few fans' childishness meant it received no attention when they could have embraced it as a new AOB project but I get why what happened happened.
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  13. You will buy the 7 quid Human League CD with the 'my two-timing shame' Pick Me Up magazine cover and deal.

  14. That’s exactly right, so funny!
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  15. I suppose it's ultimately up to the bands what we get to hear, and how much extra material there is in the vaults. We were lucky with AoB that they'd already released so much stuff for free on Facebook a while back. And with the sort of band and era they were in, they had loads of remixes commissioned.

    This is actually the first time they've ever released deluxe editions of their albums on CD - been a long wait!
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  16. Dammit, I just ordered that Ace of Base set despite my own personal austerity-policy. Just too good to pass up. I'm spending less on gas and takeout, so telling myself it's not so bad. And music is essential, right??
  17. Rod


    As mentioned in the AoB thread, I worked with Ben and other Acers in the Ace of Base box set! Had the pleasure and honor to get one of my remixes officially licensed by Playground, it's the Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry remix in the "Edge of Heaven" disc :)

    Btw, it's already sold out at Amazon!

    You can now also buy it from Super Deluxe Edition:

  18. 40th anniversary release of the Bernard Edwards/Nile Rodgers produced album "King Of The World" by French singer Sheila to be released on 19 June. 4 versions, including a vinyl/cd/dvd box set, a double cd set and 2 coloured vinyl releases. Even though I already have multiple versions of this album and several outtakes and mixes have already been released previuosly, I'll still get it, if only for the new Tom Moulton mix of Spacer.

    CD 1

    • 01Spacer
    • 02Mayday
    • 03Charge Plates And Credit Cards
    • 04Misery
    • 05King Of The World
    • 06Cover Girls
    • 07Your Love Is Good
    • 08Don't Go
    • 09Spacer (Us Radio Advert)
    • 10Your Love Is Good (Original Us Single Version)
    • 11Spacer (Original 7’’ Edit )
    • 12King Of The World (Original 7’’ Edit )
    • 13Spacer (Outtake 1)
    • 14Spacer (Outtake 2)
    • 15Your Love Is Good (Outtake)
    • 16King Of The World (Outtake)
    • 17Cover Girls (Outtake)

      CD 2
    • 01Spacer (A Tom Moulton Mix)
    • 02King Of The World (Fred Falke Club Remix)
    • 03Your Love Is Good (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
    • 04Don’t Go (Fred Falke Club Remix)
    • 05Your Love Is Good (Young Pulse Remix)
    • 06Cover Girls (2020 Extended String Mix)
    • 07Spacer (Monsieur Willy Rework)
    • 08Spacer (Monsieur Willy Remix (Dub Version))
    • 09Spacer (The Freak Out Remix) [Respect To Chic]

    • 01Spacer
    • 02Mayday
    • 03Charge Plates And Credit Cards
    • 04Misery
    • 05King Of The World
    • 06Cover Girls
    • 07Your Love Is Good
    • 08Don't Go

    • 01Don’t Go (Fred Falke Club Remix)
    • 02Don't Go (Fred Falke Radio Edit)
    • 03King Of The World (Fred Falke Dub)
    • 04King Of The Wolrd (Fred Falke Club Remix)

    • 01Sheila & Nile Rodgers Exclusive Interviews
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  19. dear @AcerBenII and @Rod this is a post from NTG user from the SDE website...
    For some reason on this absolutely fantastic forthcoming Ace of Base CD Boxset, 3 tracks have been excluded:

    1. All that she wants – Bhangra Version
    This track was included as a bonus track on the original 1993 edition of the Happy Nation album, as well as on every single edition of the track

    2. Voulez-Vous Danser – First Version
    This track is an early version and was included on the first European edition of the Happy Nation album (with the Disco Ball on the front cover). I understand that there are also earlier versions of many songs from “The Bridge” album, so maybe only final versions are included here

    3. Never gonna say I’m sorry – Rock Version
    This track was included on the single of the song, as well as on the Ultimate Vinyl Edition (released by Mirumir Records) some years ago (never liked that mix)

    I would also like to mention that there are 2 similar versions with a different ending of the “Happy Nation” track.
    One fades out at the end and was included on the first edition of the same album (with the Disco Ball on the front cover) and the other one has a cold ending with Linn’s vocals and was included on the US Edition of the Happy Nation album. Both have almost the same duration. Hopefully the cold end version is included here.

    However, I’m more than happy about this release!
    I was waiting for over 20 years for a remastered & expanded CD edition of their first album (though my favorite album is “The Bridge”)!
  20. I am not a massive ace of base fan.
    I might get the gold compilation.
    But I would recommend people check out 'always have always will" on YouTube - can't beat good pop music in these strange times
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