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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. There's actually a lot more than those tracks missing. The boxset is fairly comprehensive but it's not pretending to be literally every mix ever.

    The idea was that it includes everything that was either unreleased, vinyl-only or rare, and then a selection of the best remaining mixes. But to fit everything on you would need probably 15 discs or something. So there's no big mystery why certain mixes weren't included.. if everyone made their own tracklisting each one would be different!
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  2. I think I'll get Gold and get a better idea of Ace Of Base beyond the first album and some of the other later hits.
  3. Rod


    I like 'Gold' and its purpose, but there's one thing I can't forgive it: the criminal omission of the original version of "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry"!!!
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  4. Thanks Eric! As extensive as ever!!
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  5. Well, this slipped out without much fanfare:

    Barbie "Barbie" (2CD expanded edition)

    Alexander Bard's first project. Pre-Army of Lovers. 35th anniversary deluxe expanded edition. First time on CD. Complete original album plus all the singles, b-sides and remixes. Original artwork and 12-page booklet.


    CD1 (Original Album):
    01 - Passion of the Groove
    02 - Bam Bam Boom
    03 - The Locomotion
    04 - The Girl from Ipanema
    05 - Sex Is the Dynamite Drug
    06 - Prostitution Twist
    07 - Hot Stuff
    08 - Rock It Up
    09 - Yes Sir I Can Boogie
    10 - Johnny Johnny

    CD2 (Singles, B-Sides, Non-Album Tracks and Remixes):
    01 - Wham Bam
    02 - The Butcher
    03 - Barbie Goes Around The World
    04 - Prostitution Twist (Special Remix)
    05 - Rock It Up (Heavy Energy Club Remix)
    06 - Hot Stuff (Heavy Energy Club Remix)
    07 - Wham Bam (Extended Version)
    08 - Barbie Goes Around The World (Instrumental Version)
    09 - Rock It Up (Heavy Energy Club Extended Remix)
    10 - Hot Stuff (Heavy Energy Club Extended Remix)
    11 - Barbiecue Twist
    12 - Barbie Goes To Mars

    One for the completists.
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  6. Anything CHIC-related is worth getting. The Freak Out Remix of Spacer is 12 minutes of heaven.
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  7. Oh it's Sheila & B. Devotion! Spacer is on one of the Chic Organisaton boxsets. Must dig that out for a proper listen.
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  8. I was going to buy this album a few years ago but glad I waited. I would prefer more mixes of Spacer. I think it's one of Chic's best productions.

    The Chic box set that came out years ago with the Dimitri from Paris remixes is one of my favourite box sets of all time. Just brilliant all the way around and I believe it's out of print now.

    I seem to buy Chic or Nile Rodgers compilations whenever they come out.
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  9. There is nothing on it as good as Spacer, it’s pretty basic, definitely Chic’s least essential production.
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  10. Wow, I had no idea about this. Thanks so much, I just ordered a copy.
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  11. Like with the M People boxset, there is more a leaning to add 'hard to find',' vinyl only or unreleased remixes. They still have some classic mixes but to keep it affordable, they are kept to 2 CDs per album. Most of these tracks you mentioned are still readily available on singles/albums, which a lot of fans will have. A lot of the extra remixes added are very sought after or unheard, which has a larger appeal and kind of the point of these boxsets.
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  12. Looks amazing!! It's my Birthday (in Lockdown) in 10 days... this is going on my wishlist pronto.
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  13. I want to apologize to @AcerBenII and @Rod: I didin't want to upset anyone, I only posted a question about the missing tracks. Sorry if I did
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  14. I didn't see your post in a negative light; it was perfectly valid.

    I was disappointed at first that the Uno Clio mix of Beautiful Life wasn't included but then when I read @AcerBenll's explanation behind how mixes were selected made sense; plus, I do have that version on the Beautiful Life maxi-single. It is great that there will be rare and unreleased mixes on this set and look forward to the Uno Clio dub version of Beautiful Life.
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  15. Rod


    No need to apologize @OceanBlue! It's a perfectly valid question :)
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  16. My initial thought was where is the soul poet mix of "everytime it rains" but as mentioned its available in many a place. So as stated this is about a happy balance.
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  17. No pre-order link yet but it's set for July :

  18. Saw that Ace of Base was back in stock on Amazon UK so preordered it along with Nick Kamen and Laura Branigan. It suggested The Village People boxset which seriously tempted me but only knowing 4 of their songs, I opted to chuck their Gold compilation in my order instead.
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  19. Goddammit I thought this was real I even searched for it on Amazon readying myself for an astronomical price.

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