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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. The quest for perfection is relatable.
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  5. War Child? No baby no!
    Island Of Lost Souls can rot though. I'm so glad that I've NEVER seen them perform it live.
  6. One thing I love about Blondie is that there has been thought put into some of the releases like the singles box and the Pollinator 7inch box.
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  7. I think the last time they performed Island of lost souls was on the 1982 tour, it isn't the greatest single of theirs, it's got its charms, but it's definitely not a lead or comeback single when there are better songs on The Hunter

    War Child is epic though, when they performed it for the first time since 1982 on the Phasm8 tour I was in tears. I love it when Blondie pull gems out of the bag to play live, like Orchid Club on the 2010 tour, that was a moment!
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  8. I tried recently with 'War child' to hear what you all hear, but it just sounds like a mess to me. Like so much of 'The Hunter' it's the sound of a band desperately trying so hard to come up with SOMETHING. I'm fonder of 'Island...' now than I was but of classic era Blondie those singles can't compete with that singles discography. But that's also because barely any act of that era could compete with that.
  9. I bought that Hot City Nights CD and it is the single version. According to someone on SDE the single remix is on : In A Big Country (Spectrum, 1995); Master Series (1997); Through A Big Country: Greatest Hits (The original 1990 version – the 1996 remastered edition replaced it with the album mix) and the Singles Collection Vol. 2 box set.
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  10. Blondie's imperial phase really was imperial, every single a classic. I agree with your comments about The Hunter, it was a step backwards and not as innovative or as vibrant as the previous albums and they/the album does sound tired, but The Hunter does have some gems, who knows, maybe in 10 years time it'll be rediscovered and reappraised and there'll be a poor albums by iconic bands appreciation society

    I seem to be a fan of the albums that get panned or not much love by all these icons.....except Machine and Soul by Numan.....that album really is dogshit
  11. Are they are the same running time? Now I'm wondering which mix I've used for iTunes and my Big Country anthology...I've got the track on so many different things.
  12. I have the Complete box set and paid around £15 for it so that price looked at bit steep at first but the complete box set seems to be going for hundreds now!

    Edit: I was looking at the vinyl prices but the cd set is going for around £40-50.
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  13. EMI reissued all those flip-top singles sets (Blondie, Morrissey, Duran, Marillion) as redux versions in clear fatboxes for about a tenner. So you get the same tracks, just not on separate discs with the replica art/sleeves. The originals are obviously much nicer. Still can't believe someone was selling it with just the same two singles that are ruined sleeves in my set!
  14. Ignore me I think I might be getting confused between which is which version. The version on Hot City Nights doesn't have the echoey drum sounds after the solo at 3:07. I think that this is the single version therefore. The album version has just a normal drum sound.
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  15. Steve said the version i sent him from that comp was the Robin Millar 45 mix, it gets so complicated trying to collect the correct versions.
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  16. Its just a mess how the record industry don`t simply name the songs the correct versions, i think us all here have a better naming structure than they have.
  17. Yes, it's definitely the 45 version of Look Away on Hot City Nights.

    The other easy to find CD for the 45 version is the original Through A Big Country release from 1990.
  18. Being a librarian and a music fan is a constant struggle let me tell you.
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  19. Adeva arrived today! It came with a free postcard which I had completely forgotten about.
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  20. Some quick observations from the Adeva box set:

    Respect and Respect (Single Version) are the same.
    I Thank You (Club Mix) and I Thank You (Original Club Mix) are the same.
    Promises (Extended) And Promises (Broken Mix) are the same.

    If these mistakes had not been made, they could have added the 7" mix of Musical Freedom and Beautiful Love (12" Edit). Also I think it's a bit odd they added the original of Musical Freedom as Adeva was not involved in this 1988 version at all.
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