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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I’m assuming they are going to carry on when they hit NOW 8?
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  2. I suppose they might continue with 8 and 9, to create the full (or as full as they can be arsed) tracklistings of the LP/Cassettes.

    NOW 10 onwards is pointless, other than to make them affordable again to people, and to put them in nasty clear hinged jewelcases instead of the fatboxes.

    Oh, and to remove songs from those as well, I'd presume.
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  3. Not gonna lie, but those NOW re issues, sound rotten.
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  4. For a generation of pop fans, these early NOWs were like the holy grail of CD, of compilations. They were a big part of the music world when we were growing up. The way these reissues have been handled is appalling. It really would have been better to do nothing at all.
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  5. I mean, imagine (scuse the pun) if all the Beatles remasters had Lennon songs missing, or George songs missing, because they couldn't agree the rights with their widows anymore. Would EMI release Sgt Pepper with 2 or 3 songs missing? Or the White Album with all Lennon tracks left off?

    It's a joke.
  6. Please don’t call them reissues and don’t call them remasters as someone on Facebook continually does.
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  7. Now that's what we call Rehashed... a series of comps we've decided to fuck up.
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  8. Yeah, you're right. Habit, sorry. They're re-imaginings, partial recreations. I just automatically call them reissues as they're issuing something old.
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  9. Only Now 2 and Now 5 were essential purchases for me, just to get Julia and Company and The Commentators on CD. Now 7 would be another one if The Real Roxanne was the 45 version, but it wasn't even on the original LP/cassette, so no chance really....
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  10. That is if you can even get the booklet out! Booklets in new CDs stick to whatever plastic it is they use for the cases these days, meaning one has to pick at them endlessly just to get them out, leaving dents and creases on the booklet and scratches on the case on day one of opening! Grrrr.

    I'm sure in the olden days the booklet would normally just slide out nicely.
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  11. 80s now albums were the peak.
    Popular music was strong.
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  12. This doesn't really count as a reissue, as it is a new release, but there's no Japan/David Sylvian thread so I thought I'd mention that a new Japan live album is being released in August. The virtually untranslatable title (Budokan 1982 Nen 12 Gatsu 8 Ka Live) features the Japan concert held at Nippon Budokan on December 8, 1982. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Akiko Yano and Yukihiro Takahashi are featured. It apparently has some heretofore unheard* live versions. Japan-only, apparently, at least for now.

    *see also various bootlegs
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  13. ooooh fab! Japan are one of my top 3 favourite bands ever, hopefully it'll make its way over here, I've got a really good sounding bootleg of that concert, and features one of my favourite songs, Bamboo Music
  14. Amazon have the Japan cd listed as From The Budokan: Tokyo FM, 1982 for £14.91 out on Aug 7th, preordered!
  15. Asked this in ABBA thread, but didn’t have any response so I’ll ask here too just in case - few years back there was a RSD release of an extended Voulez-vous mix on 12/7” - did anyone get it? If you did, did it come with digital download - not yet in a position to satisfactorily rip vinyl yet. (On this note, does anyone rip their vinyl to digital and do you have tips/guide you use?)

    thanks oh knowledgeable ones
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  16. Looks unofficial (according to Discogs).
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  18. I'd be astonished if it was official.
  19. Yeah looking at it, I don't think it's official, the artwork looks a bit cheap and unimaginative, it looks like a budget label releasing a not so budget priced cd, I'm still going to keep my order anything Japan is welcome and it'll be nice to have something proper rather than the CDR copy I got at a record fair years back
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    no mention of a digital download on the Discogs entry
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