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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. If they stopped selling cds at my local Sainsburys ill start doing my shopping at Aldi.
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  2. I love this post! Its a very good comp and fans will argue over what should be on it (for me Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm should always be missing) but enjoy TSC, its definitely worth it. Our Favourite Shop is probably their only essential album, which sounds mean to the others but if its a short stop on our tour of music, its the one to go for.
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  3. I love TSC but have never listened to an album the whole way through! I have the 5CD boxset released a long time ago and all I need is on there playlist-wise.

    That documentary was the best I have watched in years, I wish other bands would do the same.
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  4. Yes! It’s great, an Oxfam bargain.
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  5. Got that from Fopp £9.99
  6. I bought it on release (1998?) in HMV. Forget how much. Could have been £40.
  7. think I'm with EG on the cost and date, you two got bargains!
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  8. Cost me IR£55 in 1998
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  9. TSC had some tracks I like, but the weren’t The Jam.

    I appreciate that’s said in the manner of a moaning old person...
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  10. That was really the whole point of TSC for Weller. He followed his muse...for better or for worse...towards the end, he lost his way a bit but had that final hurrah with Confessions of a Pop Group before the Modernism debacle did it for the fanbase.
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  11. I dont remember the fanbase being keen on Confessions either... #15 I recollect and largely bewildered reviews. I think its one of those albums that the view has changed significantly over the 30 odd years.
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  12. After having shared a bedroom with my older brother during the Jam years we'd moved and I had my own bedroom by the time of the Style council so I didn't have to 'suffer' them like I did the Jam and I could be a bit more objective about them. Some of them actually aligned to my tastes, like 'Long hot summer' and 'It didn't matter', but in hindsight I guess the Jam were 'better'.
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  13. Without having much loyalty to either band, in my mind I prefer The Style Council simply because so much of The Jam's oeuvre was just "why are these young men shouting at me?", although by the time of "The Bitterest Pill" and "A Town Called Malice" the bops are undeniable.
  14. Yes, Confessions wasn't very successful either. A #28 lead single and the album didn't even make the Top 10. It was quite a swift decline after about 1986.
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  15. That's because he went underground to the promised land and he got stuck there because the walls came tumbling down, i think they crumbled due to the long hot summer, and he wasnt seen for a while even though he was trying to shout to the top, one person heard him but it didnt matter.
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  16. This idea could be a new thread.... genius.
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  17. I'd heard he checked himself into one of those retreats for rich people to detox...I called him and said, "oi Paul, how's Life At A Top People's Health Club Farm?".
  18. Going back to the Christmas Time CD which site is it on? Been looking on the usual ones bit cannot find it.
  19. This one?
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