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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know if the version of Mel & Kim (Wilde) ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’ is the actual single version or the same one that appears on all of these Christmas compilations?
  2. It’s probably a live version...
  3. Or re-recorded.
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  4. By Mel (Sykes) and Kim (Woodburn).
  5. Finally found that CD ordered and will get it tomorrow.
  6. I don't remember a time when this thread went un-updated for nearly a week. It really does feel like interesting re-issues are slowing to a trickle, during a time of year when we used to feel spoiled for choice...
  7. This year was a bit better, though, than I expected with the state of the world and the fact that the reissue market has cooled down a bit over the past few years.

    We did get some major releases recently - Prince's Sign O' The Times, Tears for Fears' The Seeds of Love, Shania Twain's The Woman in Me Diamond Edition, Howard Jones Cross That Line, the Joni Mitchell box set, and we still have Cat Stevens, Elton John and Neil Young on the way. Definitely could have been more pop but hopefully next year.

    I think it's been a better year for reissue of films on Blu-Ray. I am going to presume it's because many people were at home this year and watching films became a big part of lockdown living.
  8. What we need are reissues of Whitney, The Immaculate Collection and Joyride at least
  9. Kim Wilde.
  10. I'd happily buy these!
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  11. ABC, ABC, Scritti, Scritti etc.
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  12. There's some sort of Scritti announcement coming 1st December but I will eat my hat if it's the often-promised but never-materialising Cupid / Provision reissues.
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  13. Jody Watley’s debut and all the remixes/extended versions please.
  14. Expanded editions of Jody Watley's first two albums are long overdue.

    I'd also really like a collection of Cher's mid-1970s Warner Bros albums that have never been released on CD.
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  15. A complete program of Style Council/Respond label reissues on CD:

    The Questions
    the Respond compilation

    and Cafe Bleu in its original double-album configuration, before Polydor nixed it.
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  16. I’d just like the reissues of ‘missed’ albums where they’ve done the earlier releases - Sleeper ‘Pleased to meet You’, All About Eve’s ‘Touched By Jesus’ and ‘Ultraviolet’ to name but a few... annoys me when I know for each potential release there are vinyl b sides and decent live recordings aplenty that would be perfect but nothing doing...

    I fully understand why Eric does his versions but tracking down the requisite tunes is often near impossible without some record label knowledge (I’d presume). Case in point with AAE is a great live concert that is on a BBC recording but not officially released... become like a holy grail for me to find now and I’ve similar targets for other artists. So frustrating. Not that I’ve thought about this much before!
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  17. The (major) labels just can't be trusted anymore, sadly. Even when something does come along, it's got issues. And Universal REALLY need to do something about their quality control...yet another of their releases (Who Essential) has CDs that are defective. That's TFF, M People and now a folk boxset recently (Richard & Linda Thompson?). Probably more, too, that I haven't bought or got around to yet.
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  18. Actually, I just remembered that I would really like both Pebbles albums (not keen on the third) to be reissued with all the associated remixes. She’s got a tonne of remixes/edits that aren’t available on cds.
  19. Add the recent Thin Lizzy Rock Legends box set to that Universal list too. I've read of a scratched/faulty Rarities CD, and boxes containing 2 copies of 1 CD and missing one out completely.....

    It's a bit of a worry, as Universal seem to be the only major still doing a decent number of reiusses each month.
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  20. That IS a worry. Jeez.
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