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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. In my top 5 of 'we must get'.
  2. Yes, I saw that on the Twitter feed for the listening party - given its hardly likely to be a tour, I would wager a new album? Yes, 0.000001% chance of SDE reissue of Cupid!
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  3. Ooh! I never knew that. Did Polydor do a Crystal Ball then to Cafe Bleu?
  4. Apparently. Weller wanted an extra two for remixes/versions of the 1983 singles, and presumably one for more of the material that was used for the 1984/85 B-sides or turned up on Here's Some That Got Away.
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  5. Weller/Talbot were very prolific back end 1982/early 1983, thought Weller would have been busy with the end of The Jam. I know Solid Bond was a 1982 demo.
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  6. I think Weller was already lining up what to do next, not long after the final Jam album in Spring 82. Solid Bond would have made a better farewell Jam single than Beat Surrender, for my money.
  7. Sacrilege!

    “Beat Surrender” is a perfect goodbye single.
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  8. Oh it's pretty decent, but always felt it was lacking something. The way it dropped out of the charts so quickly, despite a #1 debut, was a surprise too.
  9. I honestly think it’s one of the best things they did!
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  10. Seconded

    ...and amidst all the epic singles they released (predominantly I hardly listen to the albums) it just shows the quality they maintained. Do love 'Bitterest Pill' a lot too.

    Can't help but think of school when I hear the Jam. See also Madness, Specials, Duran, Culture Club...
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  11. “Bitterest Pill”, “Beat Surrender” and (I know it was an import) “5 O’clock Hero”, what a set of singles.
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  12. There wasn't a less-than-stellar Jam single after News of the World.
  13. The Jam make me think of the latter stages of primary school. I was in 5th class when they broke up in late 1982. In Ireland we do 8 years in primary
    Junior Infants
    Senior Infants
    1st class - 6th class

    Most of the discussion about Top Of The Pops was done in the yard, dodging footballs and fights.
  14. We had ‘baby’ and ‘high’ infants in Galway! I had just turned four when I started school, I’m informed I cried for a week due to not wanting to go, I wasn’t a morning person even then.

    I discovered Paul Weller with A Town Called Malice, an early crush at the age of 13.
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  15. I wasn't into music really until 1983, and hardly anybody at private prep schools liked pop music. My two best friends at the time thankfully did, more than me back then in fact. One was nuts about Madness, the other was really into New Order and kept bugging me about how amazing Blue Monday was....
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  16. Complete Madness did the rounds of the school earlier that year. Nth generation copies; I found mine last month in my old bedroom. It was like walking into Narnia.
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  17. 1982/83, I'd have been into Bucks Fizz and Adam Ant...maybe some OMD (without really knowing who they were).....I was still into Lego and Tintin books...blissful childhood....pop music would have to wait, but when its chance took over everything.
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  18. As a Madness fan who mainly bought their singles I never knew 'Bed and breakfast man' until I got complete Madness and it became one of my absolute favourites. I love that they still perform it live!
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  19. I forgot about Bananarama and Fun Boy Three too - those were the sounds of my school years until I was about 12/13. Having an uncle only 11 years or so older than me led to a lot of music I'd not of discovered on my own so early too. I had copies of all the Jam and Police albums long before I did Duran or Wham!
  20. As if Lockdown 2 isnt bad enough, the faithful reissue thread is getting dusty through under use too... dark times...

    Did notice on SDE mention of a Wham! Japanese Singles Collection with DVD. But that was it other than a Depeche book costing £750 (making StEt books look a bargain by comparison)
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