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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Could be album versions (a la Cyndi, etc). I'm starting a Wham!-only anthology project myself. Usually I incorporate them with George's stuff, but this time I'll have as many 7" and 12" versions as I can find. Spent last night playing about 4 versions each of Young Guns, Wham Rap and Bad Boys!
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  2. Ordered the Jewel - Pieces of You (2 Disc Version), never heard any of the b-sides or cast-offs. Hoping for more You Were Meant for Me/I'm Sensitive/Foolish Games than some of the drearier cuts.
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  3. I forgot about the Jewel deluxe!
  4. I’m really looking forward to this turning up today. It’s unlikely to have vinyl rips......right? I might be wrong but I think it’s the first time that the original ICHYH has been remastered, it’s always that ‘other’ hillbilly version on every compilation.
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  5. Trawling Roxy Music back catalogue and came across the Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Recordings 1972-1982 box set - did anyone get it? As I don't have many of the original albums wondered if this worth getting - especailly with a bouns CD of mixes and b sides... Not the cheapest but it can go on my watchlist
  6. Received my copy now and it is the single versions. The version of Last Christmas is the Pudding mix version. Mastering is ok but some of the volume levels are a bit up and down (e.g. Wham Rap & Bad Boys sounded much louder to me). The exclusive additional tracks sound good though and for me was worth having for those. Overall its a good disc.
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  7. I managed to pick it up when it was on offer at amazon for something like £35 or less.....beautiful set. Glossy, strong box and beautiful (if slightly oversized) gatefolds for each album.
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  8. I'd been waiting so long for this I forgot it was due today. Will be keen to hear the early remixes and B-sides.
  9. Fine Young Cannibals have been pushed back to 18 December.
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  10. Surely they are now known as Average Old Geezers
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  11. 3-disc CD (plus vinyl wankery edition) incoming for KT Tunstall's career-destroying Drastic Fantastic album in Jan 2021.

    The 3-disc looks a bit pointless....the bonus tracks are mostly live versions from All You Need Is Mud, and the 3rd disc is a bunch of instrumentals (?).
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  12. Was supposed to come with DVD-A for each album - didn't
    Was supposed to have booklet - didn't
    Was supposed to be remastered - wasn't

    Despite all of the above, one of the greatest box sets ever. The artwork / sleeves are top notch and THICK. The mastering is FLAT and sounds great turned up. Great bonus discs.
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  13. Yes the gold bonus set was the tempter for me. Just checked my amazon order history and I got it SIX years ago...for £35.02!
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  14. Think I’ll struggle to find it for that now!
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  15. I must admit I'm quite sensitive when it's up to The Cranberries. Even more sensitive qhen we're talking about No Need To Argue. Haven't heard the new reissue, I only opened it. The booklet is so bad ! Paged and paged or liner notes... endless liner notes ! No lyrics (who owns the original album knows the notes to the sond Dolores wrote... little tiny nice notes), no discography, no credits (just a quick page at the end). Well well well
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  16. Yeah, what happened with that? Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? had a nice deluxe box set and this just looks like it was made on the cheap.
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  17. Ah no, I was thinking of getting that, based on the Everybody Else... deluxe.
  18. No @Eric Generic please still buy the NNTAreissue ! For me it's just worth it for Yesterday's gone alone ! And this Serious demo ? Is it a completely new song ? Never heard of it ! Even if the reissue could have been better, NNTA is still such an album !
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  19. Didin't realized that the Spandau Ballett 3cd set was so cheap ! 11,99£ in Uk, 17€ in Italy... the tracklist is not tempting me too much, tho'... That cd3... I must admit I really like the Hert like a sky singles and only Raw is featured... oh well !
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  20. Toyah's Sheep Farming in Barnet reissue has been put back a week to 11th Dec
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