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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I think that it relates to past era artwork tbh. Looks comprehensive but not an avid L42 fan.
  2. She's on the cover of their first album.
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  3. She's on most of the early (80-83) Level 42 sleeves...some singles, some albums. Sometimes just as a silhouette.
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  4. The Level 42 set will be an instant purchase. Hope they get the sound right. If there will be cock-ups, then ideally they will be in the form of ACOUSTIC VERSIONS FOR EVERY TRACK ON THE SET INCLUDING THE REMIXES

    Would like if the original vinyl LP running times for the debut were replicated for the CD. Every pressing I have has the three longer tracks (even on CDs that list shorter timings)
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  5. Thank you!
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  6. It's a good era of Level 42, they're one of my favourite bands without realising it sometimes, but I'll hold on going for this set until the feedback comes in about packaging and the inevitable cock-ups. Previous L42 projects have had several tracks with two mono channels instead of genuine stereo by mistake, track labelling errors, and the remasters from 2000 and 2006 are some of the worst brickwalling known to man.
  7. I only know Heaven In My Hands from Now That’s What I Call Music XIII.
  8. I’m not a fan, I don’t know a single track, but the Level 42 boxset looks amazing! Albums, bonus tracks, bsides and remixes! Looks quite comprehensive!
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  9. I was such a stan that I automatically had it at #1, but the track is a mess. There's a really good song in there, underneath the clatter and the clutter. The 12" mix hints at what might have been.
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  10. Level 42 is one of those bands that I tend to not give enough credit to. I have the expanded editions of World Machine and Running in the Family but not much else aside from the 3-disc Collected set, The Ultimate Collection, and Remixes. Listening to Remixes this past week, I was really impressed by their songwriting, musicianship, and catchy songs.

    I think this might be a great set but, like others, I will wait for reviews. Cherry Red is one of my least favourite reissue labels.
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  11. Why? cherry red do no wrong the sound is always spot on, the correct mixes are there, there is never any mono, or wrong speed issues, they have never ripped audio from vinyl, they have never used mp3's in there releases they have never repeated the same remix on different numbered cds etc and the covers have always been spot on...
  12. Its almost heavy metal, the mix is so dense, I still like it but they must have been on something the day they mixed it!
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  13. Losing the Gould brothers after Running In The Family seemed to throw them completely. I wonder why they rushed into another album, when they didn't really have the material, and the new members hadn't had time to settle in. I did a "Director's Cut" thing with the Staring at the Sun album and there's actually quite a decent record in there, but the production and some of the writing just didn't work.
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  14. Momentum. They'd just had huge selling albums and singles, and I suspect Polydor were not going to sit around waiting for them to come up with the hits when there was money to be made.
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  15. I think I mentioned this before, but a Greatest Hits in late 88 with some (maybe 3) of the stronger new songs would have been ideal.
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  16. I resisted Level 42 for a long time as they were liked by the uncool kids at school but in hindsight were a great singles act. The sun goes down is especially fantastic I don't think I would venture beyond a Greatest Hits though.
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  17. Level Best is one of the most flawless Best Ofs ever released (it was the only album that could knock Hats off my personal #1 at the time). I know some people praise the 90s stuff, but it wasn't the same for me once the Gould brothers bailed out.
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  18. It must run in the family....
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  19. I’m gonna check it out.
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  20. Aussie 80s/early 90s girl-group (well, there were also 4 male musician band members for the debut album) Chantoozies have released a compilation with apparently remastered (I haven't heard it) tracks through indiegogo:

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