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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Jesus, they must think we're loaded.
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  2. 128kbps....might as well just plug your headphones into some mud....there's no need for bitrates that's not 2002 anymore
  3. We were real gone kids in 2002.

    I'm not very good at this pun thing...

    Its ok for plugging my 2004 ipod into my 2008 radio for washing up entertainment, makes you wonder what is wrong with the original file quality. Anyway, they have declined to refund me - which is always the problem with digital files innit.
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  4. Could you not argue that they haven't been transparent in giving details of the quality of the files, and that had you known, you wouldn't have made a purchase given the poor quality of 128kbps, at least if they gave details consumers can make an informed choice
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  5. Which was exactly what I said in response.... to no response. Wondering whether to phone the credit card company instead.
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  6. I'd say that falls under "goods not being of a reasonable/expected quality". £10 for 128kps mp3 is daylight robbery. This is 2021.
  7. To think I got the 2CD/1DVD deluxe of When The World... for 7.99!
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  8. 3CD+DVD !
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  9. I thought it might be! Even better.
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  11. Looks like it'll be the cd and e.p for me as I have no need for vinyl, hopefully a 3cd version will come out, there's enough on twitter asking about it
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  12. At last
    A gateway album for me. Have pre-ordered from official store so as to get the bonus disc. My vinyl copy has seen a lot of action so I welcome the inclusion of same in the package.
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  13. This need for every option to be vinyl led. Argh. I’d like it all easily accessible- and I don’t need another copy of the album on the black stuff!
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  14. The formats/pricing for Quiet Life has shades of the Prince debacle...either the cheap(ish) CD format, then a huge jump to £60 for the next level of deluxe-ness. Which is fine if you love the album, and want vinyl loaded in with CD. Oh well.
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  15. I was having same worry in 5 minute break between Zoom calls, it comes as no surprise that record companies see these boxes as great ways to extort money from us, as traditional revenues have long passed. But they are not worth it, I'd like Quiet Life but not at £60 - 3CD pack for £30/£35k is about what is worth it. My worry is they will just become very expensive items now, great for Steve Hoffman budgets but maybe not for our generation.
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  16. Japan in general aren't a band I'd want big bucks sets. Sylvian solo in the 80s, a different story. But even then I'd be loathe to go above £30-40.
  17. Can anyone recommend a decent all encompassing (yet not box set...) Adam & the Ants hits type thing? Not looking for albums. more a decent sweep of the 7" singles of my youth!
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  18. If it's just singles then this

    or this - It's got most of the singles (not the early pre Kings stuff though) some b-sides and album tracks too up Vive Le Rock

    If you want a bit of everything then this

    but it's a lot more expensive
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