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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Amen to these!
  2. Seconded! (or should that be Thirded!).

    I've started compiling a list of albums (mostly 80s) that I want to "deluxe" myself. That way I hopefully won't forget about something.
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  3. I'm still holding out for late 80's/early 90's reissues for Sheena Easton, Kim Wilde, Paula, Whitney and Stevie. Cher is another want but I am not expecting those anytime soon.
  4. I would love it cos I still listen to it, but is there enough material for a Tracy Chapman debut reissue? The singles bsides were album tracks... no remixes... there may be Just a couple of live tracks..
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  5. Tina’s Breaking Every Rule and Foreign Affairs. Remixes, b sides, lives, videos. Bring it on already.
  6. You will get digital EPs and you will deal.
  7. Wait at me not knowing about these.
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  8. The A Sister Mix is a rather good DJ Service Mix.
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  10. This would be so great. Make it happen.
  11. Not watching her “live” has always been a regret. But I continue to live in hope.
  12. These came yesterday and I'm just getting into them now - I appreciate the amount of details about both albums in each booklet but my LORD the typeface in Haywoode's hurts my eyes dd. It's super dense (this isn't my scan but I think it illustrates my point)


    Still though, these are lovingly done, and you can tell both artists had a lot of involvement with them. And while I'm here, re: Haywoode, I cannot believe Arrival got five singles and Jelly Baby wasn't one of them.
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  13. Typeface ? I still can't read the Mel & Kim FLM reissue booklet because of the typeface !!! Too little !
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  14. These are rather good.
  15. I prefer small text and a magnifier to 12 pages of photos and credits tbh.
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  16. I didn't realise it was Tom Parker who'd overseen the Sonia singles box. Could someone please just pin that man to a gangplank until he gives us the Dead Or Alive singles box we all need and deserve and been waiting for?
  17. Scan and enlarge.

    I haven't read it since 2010. I could read it then, in my early 30s, but now I'm not so sure ddd.
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  18. Not to mention a Kylie one-which of course of will never happen.
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  19. Sort it out @WhereDoesTheDJGo !

    A PWL Kylie singles boxset is such a no brainer that it has to happen eventually.
  20. You'd think it be that simple, but alas not.
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