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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. With the ubiquitous Don’t Stop Moving pic as the cover, obvs.
  2. Oooh, please have all the b-sides! Is this the label that does all the Gold releases? I wish it was Music Club Deluxe.
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  3. Looking forward to seeing a track listing.
  4. I highly recommend the Sonia box set. They have got the great lady herself to give insights on each single. About 3 lines written on each. My personal favourite is her Listen To Your Heart commentary “I experimented with hats in this video.”

    I’m now going to lobby for a Sinitta box set along the same lines.... looking forward to such comments as “I wore very little in this video” and “This dancer was gay.”
  5. Yes, the Sonia singles box set is great. Lots of love all round put into it and she comes across as such a lovely person too. But next up, Kylie please!
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  6. You'll get The Reynolds Girls and you'll like it.
  7. (I won't).
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  8. You mean you’d rather jack.
    Sorry, I can’t help it.
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  9. We're very low on testosterone, when it's up to single boxset ! We got Belinda, Bananarama, Mel & Kim and Sonia ! We need some men now ! Rick Astley or Jason Donovan should be next !!!
  10. Wouldn't mind a Rick one.
  11. Parfitt?
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  12. Certainly not that Rick!
  13. More like Status No
  14. I would LOVE an Another Place And Time CD singles box set all on its own. Own (and framed) the 12" record one of course:
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  15. You could hold it in your arms.
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  16. It seems to be part of this series based off of Amazon's label info:
  17. Does anyone know of the Buried Treasure 70s CD came out this week? I did go to order it via Amazon only to find out it isn't available.
  18. There's one copy on eBay with a photo of the actual item (not a stock photo), so it must be out?

    I'd like to know if it's the single version of Feel The Need by Leif Garrett on it, but it's probably the usual 5 minute version.
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  19. Available from a seller on Amazon for £7.54.

    HMV's website has it listed for £5.99,but it's sold out online.

    The version on that compilation of Leif Garrett's Feel The Need seems to be a 5 minute 41 second version.
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  20. It's rare on CD anyway, but whenever it has surfaced, it's been 5.40ish. The UK 45 was 3.24.
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