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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. 80s


    Stecov Thank you.As usual Discogs did not give any timing.
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  2. Adjusted is not the word I would use! Horrific, underwhelming, misguided... so many possibilities!
  3. I remember Amazon Canada had the Kylie singles box set for... $25!! And I still didn't buy it -- and I rarely give up buying a Kylie item. But that box set was a disgrace. Kylie deserved so much better.

    The Girls Aloud, Bananarama, SAW, and Rolling Stones singles box sets remain the benchmark.
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  5. Best summer holiday album in the world ever?

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  6. The Greatest 70s is good too.

    Similiar series without the Ever also knocking around.
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  7. The S Club 7 Essential album has artwork and a track listing


    It's lacking in the B-Side department, but it's nice to see remixes and a nice selection of album tracks.
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  8. 7 b-sides out of 12(ish) isn't bad but definitely could have included Dangerous or Down at Club S over the dreary Beatles cover! I'll be buying anyway.
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  9. The next reissue in the Toyah reissue series, Blue Meaning, is released today.

    My copy of the 2CD/DVD set has just arrived and it truly is a gorgeous package. Fab sleevenotes, great artwork. Tonnes of bonus material alongside the fab original LP. Looking forward to watching the bonus features on the DVD hugely. Cherry Red really are packaging these releases beautifully.
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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Let's treat people's appearances with decency. Thank you.
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  11. Good set that! Nice to see some remixes included too.
  12. S Club did a few nice sleeves but that's a mess. I feel claustrophobic just looking at it!
  13. Could be worse

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  14. I don't mind this!
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  15. It's fine and its the music that matters yes but the photo is so obscure and not really classic Five Star.
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  16. Amazon finally posted the deluxe edition of Howard Jones' In The Running nearly 3 months after I pre-ordered it.

    Arrived this afternoon - lovely set! Main album sounds great. In fairness to Cherry Red, they have done a lovely job with these reissues. Good DVD and interesting sleevenotes. I am wondering if I really *need* to get the 2CD+DVD versions of Human's Lib and Dream Into Action for uniformity purposes.
    EDIT - probably not as what's in the big boxes seems to be a complete lift and shift of the 2CD+DVD releases plus the extras.
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  17. I've also left the first two deluxes alone. These new sets for One To One, Cross That Line and In The Running seem very well done and I'm glad all the albums on WEA have eventually got equal treatment (if we dismiss the silly big box deluxes for the first two albums). These three also complement the dTox set which had those put together, along with the bonus Risk discs of extras.
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  18. I did get the big boxes for the first two and do like them - pricey though and would have preferred coloured vinyl rather than picture disc. Presume that's it for the series now?
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  19. Yes, the dTox series stopped at In The Running as well. Not sure what they could do next...maybe some creative compilations or something.

    I might have got the big boxes if they'd been £50 and had the sort of content that Warners' Fleetwood Mac big boxes have had. All that fluff and tat just felt like padding. And the empty cardboard inside was literally padding!
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  20. After feeling a little lukewarm on the Solo boxset (to be fair, I've not gotten past Desire yet), I decided to still go ahead and get the Sheep Farming release and as an album it's pretty strong. The packaging is really nice. I have the latest one pre-ordered from Amazon US and am looking forward to it.
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