The Reissue Thread!

I didn’t realise the M People Renaissance boxset was being released on 180g vinyl. I missed out on the CD box, so have picked that up. Looking forward to belting out Northern Soul, Elegant Slumming, and especially Bizarre Fruit on the hi-fi.
OH MY GOD. There's a 4CD/1DVD super deluxe of Foreign Affair coming in July!!

1. Bold And Reckless (2021 Remaster)
2. Stronger Than The Wind (2021 Remaster)
3. Steel Claw (Live) [2021 Remaster]
4. Private Dancer (Live) [2021 Remaster]
5. Be Tender With Me Baby (Live) [2021 Remaster]
6. The Best (Extended Muscle Mix) [2021 Remaster]
7. Steamy Windows (12" Vocal Mix) [2021 Remaster]
8. Foreign Affair (Shep Pettibone Heartbeat Mix) [2021 Remaster]
9. Look Me In The Heart (12" Remix) [2021 Remaster]
10. The Best (Extended Mighty Mix) [2021 Remaster]
11. Steamy Windows (Justin Strauss 12" House Dub Mix) [2021 Remaster]
12. Foreign Affair (Shep Pettibone One In A Million Club Mix) [2021 Remaster]
13. Steamy Windows (12" Dub Mix) [2021 Remaster]
14. Look Me In The Heart (Instrumental) [2021 Remaster]
15. Foreign Affair (Shep Pettibone Heartbeat Instrumental) [2021 Remaster]
16. The Best (Demo)

I must check how many of the above are on the digital EP from last year.
Sweet....I'll run the CD through my special Brickwalling software, photocopy the booklet and use the over-saturation plugin, then maybe dig out my old scratched 7" singles for the bonus material. Easy!

I have waited so long for a Cupid & Psyche remaster and I'm so, so disappointed that this is all they've come up with. I might buy it if the reviews indicate better sound quality because the original CD sounds thin. But under protest.
This was also announced. There will be different versions. This is the super deluxe limited edition from Amy's website.