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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Good thing there’s also a 2-CD version as I’d probably never listen to the live discs.
  2. I didn’t realise the M People Renaissance boxset was being released on 180g vinyl. I missed out on the CD box, so have picked that up. Looking forward to belting out Northern Soul, Elegant Slumming, and especially Bizarre Fruit on the hi-fi.
  3. I'm not a live music listener as such either, but think I will for once make an acceptation here.
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  4. I must check how many of the above are on the digital EP from last year.
  5. None of the Steamy Windows ones for sure were ever put out on digital.
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  6. Was just thinking the same thing. Went ahead a preordered that version.
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  9. The Rough Trade website mentions featured artist Mod Def. Not heard of him.
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  10. That Scritti Cupid reissue is bitterly disappointing.
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  11. As it’s Mos Def, I would concur... Poor proofreading on Rough Trade front.
  12. It's absolutely pointless.

    Looks like I'll have to make that deluxe of my own, with the 7" edits included.
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  13. I’ll buy yours then!
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  14. Sweet....I'll run the CD through my special Brickwalling software, photocopy the booklet and use the over-saturation plugin, then maybe dig out my old scratched 7" singles for the bonus material. Easy!
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  15. I have waited so long for a Cupid & Psyche remaster and I'm so, so disappointed that this is all they've come up with. I might buy it if the reviews indicate better sound quality because the original CD sounds thin. But under protest.
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  17. This was also announced. There will be different versions. This is the super deluxe limited edition from Amy's website.

  18. Bonus tracks :


    The Wallmart Edition has an extra 2 live tracks.
  19. Really pleased about this, I've pre-ordered the 2CD set and vinyl.
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