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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Sweet....I'll run the CD through my special Brickwalling software, photocopy the booklet and use the over-saturation plugin, then maybe dig out my old scratched 7" singles for the bonus material. Easy!
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  2. I have waited so long for a Cupid & Psyche remaster and I'm so, so disappointed that this is all they've come up with. I might buy it if the reviews indicate better sound quality because the original CD sounds thin. But under protest.
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  4. This was also announced. There will be different versions. This is the super deluxe limited edition from Amy's website.

  5. Bonus tracks :


    The Wallmart Edition has an extra 2 live tracks.
  6. Really pleased about this, I've pre-ordered the 2CD set and vinyl.
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  7. Thrilled about the Amy Grant reissue, Heart In Motion is a great early 90s album and I've wanted those single remixes for 30 years.
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  8. When the Scritti reissues were first mentioned I’m sure they were meant to be expanded. Probably in for ‘Anhomie...’ on vinyl.
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  9. Even I may give that Amy Grant an album a go!
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  10. Great album. Will probably get this for the bonus stuff, even though I literally got 2 of them earlier this week on a different/later CD single!
  11. Seems a nice re issue too.
  12. Wasn't there a single mix of 'That's what love is for' as well?
  13. There is stuff missing including 'Every Heartbeat' 12'' Mix. I suppose we got unreleased tracks instead of some things to keep it 2 CD.
  14. Does anyone know if it is available to order to the UK?
  15. I couldn't see it on Amazon UK so I ended up ordering on the US site assuming this might be US only, but it could pop up in the UK, in which case I'll cancel my preorder and order again.
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  16. It would be nice if we could have Springsteens - Born In The USA get a deluxe treatment ie 12inches and b sides etc
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  17. Never heard any non-Baby Baby Amy Grant song but have always seen this album praised so I may take a chance on it.
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  18. I love Heart in Motion, but it really should be a 3-disc set with DVD.

    I have a Japanese maxi-single with mixes of both Baby Baby and Every Heartbeat and several of those mixes don't appear on this. But I'll still get it because I love Amy, and pop-era Amy.
  19. The singles are all top-notch. In fact, I think all the singles after Baby Baby are superior. I've always loved Every Heartbeat (it would wrestle with Lead Me On to be my 11 in an Amy Grant rate) and That's What Love Is For and I Will Remember You are fabulous ballads.

    The follow-up House of Love is also very strong. Although it tried a bit too hard to be Heart in Motion: The Sequel, it's still worthwhile. Amy recorded The Power, a few years before it was featured on Cher's Believe album. And she also recorded "Oh, How The Years Go By", recorded by Vanessa Williams as well.
  20. Every heartbeat is a pure summer song. I prefer it as well.
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