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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Liking these pop facts!
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  2. I prefer Lead Me On as an album, though always classed as a Christian Rock album, the title track and 1974 are breathtakingly amazing and worth hearing for Amy’s vocal performances.
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  3. My favourite songs on Heart In Motion weren't among the many hits....Ask Me and How Can We See That Far. Absolutely sublime.
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  4. Her reading of If These Walls Could Speak remains my favourite. It has an ethereal quality to it.
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  5. Written and first recorded by Simon "Clime Fisher" Climie, too.
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  6. She’s poetic in a way that others aren’t. Poignant imageries that serves the song as opposed to being showy, as some writers can be.
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  7. Besides the single remix for That’s What Love Is For, the mixes for Good For Me are also missing. But these cd singles are easily available on eBay. As a long time fan, I think the real gems here the demos, the Rhythm Mix of I Will Remember You (hard to find on cd) and the edit of Ask Me. I’m beyond thrilled about this reissue.
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  8. Why I love Pop Justice. Always learning.

    Pop School.
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  9. Back when I was freelancing A&R with Sony I asked about those mixes. Apparently he hates them and fought against them in the first place and won't let anything be done with them.
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  10. I love 'Heart In Motion' & 'House Of Love' as albums. Her early releases has good stuff on them but I find overly Christian music grates on me.
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  11. How many Christmas albums does one person need, Amy Grant?
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  12. Home for Christmas has become an essential Christmas album in my house, I don’t think I need the other 2.
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  13. The Cherry Red Best Of went past In The Running and featured tracks from later albums so I am wondering if they might continue?
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  14. Her first Christmas album is very good. Heirlooms is one of Amy's best songs.

    A Christmas to Remember is not bad, although it didn't feature her best song as part of the track listing - her cover of The Carpenters' "Merry Christmas Darling".

    Home for Christmas remains her best Christmas album.
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  15. Yes, I'd forgotten about that comp. We shall have to see!
  16. This is ridiculous. The entire 'Heart In Motion' album and every released remix easily fit on just two discs with a bit of space to spare.

    Another great example of how frustratingly random these deluxe editions can be. "Just fill a CD with this incomplete assortment of tracks from that era. No need for basic research, or regard for logical sequencing".

    Instead, they should be releasing:
    1 - The remastered album plus the previously unreleased songs on the first disc (also released separately for casual listeners who just want the album remastered and a few "new" things to hear.)
    2 - Two bonus discs with all of the remixes from 1991-1992. (Plenty of room for the live and demo recordings to go here or on the first disc)
    3 - A DVD with the five music videos (plus alternate versions), and maybe an EPK or interview from the era.

  17. I agree. And Amy already had her albums remastered in 2007 and then Lead Me On had a 2-disc reissue. Not too hard to give us all the mixes.

    Weird thing is they had a special edition of an Amy comp some years back with some mixes so they know fans want them.
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  18. It does seem to be a thing now with some reissues. The original album on the first CD with no bonus tracks. It's wasted space but some artist want the original album untouched (aside from remastered).
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  20. Speaking of Amy Grant, I'm an atheist, but I love the tune (not so much the lyrics ddd) of this song she did for Christian Television in the 80s.

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