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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. eBay seller caved before I did and offered a hefty discount from the £180 I was ridiculously toying with paying and now it’s cost £140. Which is still not cheap but it’s a sealed box set so I still get to have the new CDs smell.

    The things I come up with to justify it…

    Edit. It arrived in a foam packed box (presumably the one the seller received it in!) - it’s a lovely thing. But the music fan I am, I can’t understand buying it to keep sealed. Suppose it’s a second copy perhaps but then that annoys me more that it was bought to resell at inflated prices…
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  2. Massive ATZEC CAMERA boxset on the way later this summer!

    Covers the Warner 1983-1995, I think. Let's hope the bonus material is better sourced than on those Edsel hardbook 2CD affairs.
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  3. Starts with Knife (1984) - might be good
  4. Only issue with the Aztec Camera set unless my eyesight has missed it, still no single mix of Walk Out To Winter which I think is only found on the 3" CDS for Somewhere In My Heart.
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  5. Yes, you either get the shorter album version or the 12" mix. I am pretty sure I don't have it on anything - there's a Japanese Guitar Pop Jamboree compilation in a box upstairs which I must check. One of the others in the series has the extended version.
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  6. Ah right, so they're leaving High Land as a Rough Trade era album, as per the original release.
  7. The 7" edit of All I Need Is Everything was wrong on the Edsel release as well.
    The 45 is 4.00, it faded way short, and ended up around 13 seconds short. It was the 45 edit apart from that mind you.

    Looks like this might be a clone of the Edsel CD of Knife as well - same 4 bonus tracks after the main album, they've moved the 4 live tracks to an expanded version of that concert on CD2.
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  8. Caught Beneath The Landslide box is great fun.
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  9. Cherry Red does seem to be releasing a lot of great sets this year -- there's a Vapors one coming and the second volume for Level 42.
  10. I'm sort of still in awe at the absolute bonkersness of the tracklisting.
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  11. The 7” is also on this 2014 US release from Domino. Much more comprehensive and better sonically than the Edsel from the year before. Never seen ‘Pillar to post’ 7” anywhere else and no glitch on the Oblivious remix you find elsewhere. Highly recommended.

    Isn’t the 7” of ‘All I need is everything’ on the ‘How men are’ CD single? Along with a slightly shorter (possibly 7”) edit of Oblivious I’ve never seen anywhere else.
  12. The version of All I Need Is Everything on that CD single is the same as on the Edsel release.
    It has the edit at 3.30, but then fades too soon. Should be 4.00,.
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  14. I went and bought that How Men Are CD-single. Love those 80s mini 3" jobs from Warners.
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  15. Just a nuisance ripping them to Mac as it has no drawer to put it in! But they are great things… tiny CDs, what’s not to like!
  16. [​IMG]

    Remixed and re-imagined re issue of Donna Summer's I'm A Rainbow album that was scrapped from 1981 before a long belated release in 1996. Out October 8th.
  17. That looks stunning!
  18. Sure does, love how Driven By The Music really celebrates Donna's musical legacy.
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  19. Strangled to death by a gay fur snake. We've all been there.
  20. That’s how you do a legacy reissue!
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