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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. For Around the £5 mark not to bad.
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  2. I suppose they've got to keep up with the Human League in the endlessly rehashing the same material stakes.
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  3. Yeah they love to Mirror, man
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  4. And nothing we haven’t got by the looks of things.
    They could add one vault track shurely?
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  5. Not for a £5 comp.
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  6. It certainly is!
  7. But also risks damaging the brand.
  8. Unfortunately I think they have exhausted everything they want to release form the vaults. They are gonna milk it to the enth degree. All we mainly got from in the latter part of her career were remixes of old tracks.
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  9. If they ever do, they will add one mix to another compilation so we buy.
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  10. I don't know it helps keeps her name and music out there.
  11. I would love the original mix(es) of Love On and On. Such a great song. There's a Studio 54 mix (fan-made, I believe) which is really good.

    It's a shame we don't have alternate takes or even some more live performances from Donna. She did tour quite a bit even in her heyday. I wonder if they ever recorded any performances.
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  12. Yes, only just that A Hot Summer Concert and of course, the Live and More shows that have been ever recorded and made public I believe.
  13. The last page started me on an almighty Roddy Frame obsession this week. Question please, is there such a thing as a Postcard Records compilation and\or does anyone know why Just Like Gold & Mattress Of Wire (the two AC Postcard singles) don’t appear to be digitally available in original versions?
  14. Same!

    That's a good question...I have no idea why....maybe one day they'll turn up on a label/era compilation like these 4-disc sets we see for various movements from the 80s.
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  15. Yeah something like that would be good - I’d like it for Sarah Records too, tho at least they did have compilations
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  16. Re Aztec Camera and Postcard.

    Roddy seems to have studiously avoided digital release of those Postcard singles, and I'd expect he owns the rights to them and has final say. I think he may also own 'High Land, Hard Rain', hence it not being in the WEA box.

    Postcard in general - I suspect the rights to the original Postcard releases are now with the bands or the labels they signed to. The Orange Juice Postcard stuff has been reissued on the later incarnation of Postcard ('The Heather's on Fire' singles comp and 'Ostrich Churchyard' "alternative debut LP"), then on Domino on 'The Glasgow School' comp and the 'Coals to Newcastle' box set, which is available again via Edwyn's own label.

    The Go-Betweens Postcard singles are available on various of their compilations, and the Josef K material has been kept in print by LTM.

    There doesn't seem to have been a various artists compilation collecting up the singles, but maybe I've just never spotted it.

    There was a later iteration of Postcard (c.1993-95) that released albums by Paul Quinn, Vic Goddard, the Nectarine No9 and Jock Scot. A friend of mine was involved in a recent limited reissue of the Paul Quinn albums from the 90s but it sold out before I even knew it had gone on sale!
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  17. Thanks! Might have to do one myself as I have realised I have a few class Postcard singles on their own comps, exactly as you say. The only two I don't have are the AC ones... I did have a look on a Roddy Frame website and the FAQ said it’s because he thinks they should stay on 7”s and not everything in life should be easily obtainable. If true, this appears to be the case!
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  18. That's an......interesting decision.

    Maybe I'll think twice about buying the new AC boxset...after all, it's too easily obtainable.
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  19. The problem with the new box set is there isn’t much I want bar the Eric Calvi remix of Somewhere In My Heart and the versions of Jump. It does look good value but not if you have several of the Edsel versions.
  20. I ended up passing on the Edsels after Love was such a bodge, so never got the others. Amazing that it was a decade ago now!
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