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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I think I bought them cheap in end, I only got Love (amended disc) and Stray.
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  2. Well, not a big news, thera are quite a lot of albums not printed on cd, but her words make me laugh. You don't want my money ? You won't get them !
    Then you go to her official store and the cheapest vinyl costs €35, while the limited edition is up to 47 ! Then there's a "music box" with album download and a booklet at 19!
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  3. CDs don't automatically end up in landfill.

    Only shit ones.
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  4. The arrogance of youth.
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  5. No CDs is becoming scarily common from indie artists, but I've never seen an artist as big as Lorde do it.
    Also no CDs but multiple coloured variants of vinyl are OK for the environment? girl please...
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  6. Complete tosh. Print them on recycled milk bottles for £10 and I’ll believe you. Multiple vinyl versions… why are they less likely to be landfill?? Not least if it’s a crap album and doesn’t sell…

    Besides, I thought cds were easily recycled…
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  7. Exactly. Double standards much.
  8. If they stop selling cds i will stop buying music simple as that. Why would i want to buy vinyl when i was forced into cds by the record industry years ago, why would i want to buy digital when i can quiet easily get that often free. I used to own a lot of vinyl then CDs became the norm, I couldn't give the records away, now it seems like we are slowly being forced to buy vinyl again, been there done that won't be doing it again.
  9. I'm going to justify I don't want to waste money to produce CDs with a random explanation about feelings and sensibility BUT I'm going to spend on vinyl and ask the double price as for a CD taking the opportunity.

  10. Exactly.
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  11. Just noticed this which looks like a reissue of Queen Greatest Hits with a different cover. No details. Anyone know anything about it?

  12. Just what the world needs!
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  13. Being reissued to mark the 40th anniversary of the album's release and the 50th anniversary of Queen.
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  14. But all they've actually done is to add a slipcase? Surely people won't re-buy it just for that??
  15. Perhaps the original is being withdrawn.
  16. Does that mean my "rare and collectible" copy without a slipcase will be worth more???
    There can't be many copies in circulation....
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  17. I think I read some different tracklist, too, for Queen reissue?
  18. Just read it's been reissued as it's the 40th anniversary, no same tracklisting, only difference is a slipcase, 4 different cassette versions and an LP

    Talk about milking it!
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  19. Quite. Honestly, the only reason to justify such a reissue is if the earlier one is long out print and difficult to obtain.

    My loathing of Queen n their overblown histrionics is well known so I shan’t be adding that to my wants list!
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