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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Apparently it’s a blatant attempt to get number one on its 40th anniversary.
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  2. It's a kind of tragic
  3. Amy Grant's Heart In Motion 30th Anniversary reissue CD now has a release date of 9th July and is available to pre-order in the UK on Amazon. Looking forward to this one, great album.
  4. Had a wander into HMV just because, and found this. Its nice to go into a shop and find something you haven't seen before,reminds me of the days before the Internet.

    Not a reissue as such, but I will buy anything Japan, as it was only ever released on transcription disc

    Also managed to pick up the Live at the Budokan 1982 double cd for £6.86 from Amazon

  5. Thanks for the heads up, am very tempted!
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  6. All the Heart In Motion/Amy talk had me going back to the 3-disc set I made some years ago, which I may well update eventually. Decided to give it some new artwork, as I was never entirely happy with the original design I did. I've always found her a fine looking lady...


    Molly Ringwald meets Katie Puckrick vibes!
  7. Amy Grant is gorgeous! Looking at your set, I noticed you didn’t include The Feeling I Had from Behind The Eyes. It’s a wonderful song. I think the album’s terribly underrated.
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  8. I (think I) went for singles, as I didn't have everything at hand. But I've already found some omissions from earlier in her career that I want to include if I redo it. Recently bought the Unguarded album on CD for that very purpose.
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  9. Very nice!!
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  10. Amy still looks fabulous. I saw her in concert a few years ago in Nashville. Gorgeous woman. Her daughter with Vince Gill has an incredible voice -- not surprisingly.

    Was listening to House of Love this morning and some really good ballads. And The Politics of Kissing is a bop! (not on the North American version though).

    I love pop Amy. She was very stylish and it's easy to see why she was so successful for a few years on the pop charts.

    Also, love her DVD collection. Lots of alternates, single mixes, etc and commentary by Amy herself. There was a period in the early '00s when artists really took the time to treat their videos with respect. Amy has reissued her catalogue before. She does take care of her catalogue to ensure it's in print. I hope we get deluxe versions of House of Love and Behind the Eyes. I agree with @IEngineered -- very underrated.
  11. I need this!

    (I hope it's Region 0 or R2!).
  12. Sadly I think it's Region 1. I'll double check.

    For a DVD collection, it was definitely fan-oriented.
  13. I think it’s region 0 but in NTSC.

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  14. Thanks. Found a couple of copies online, and they have "ALL" for the region on the case, the same.
  15. They really said


    This looks incredible! Take my money!
  16. Bar the obvious omission and a few personal preferences being absent, that Shep Pettibone set looks fantastic and is a brilliant idea.
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  17. That set is worth every penny!!! Especially for the longed for inclusion of the superb So Emotional remix!
  18. Yes, the edits included are deliberate. The Kim Wilde one is not the awful low quality version that was on the 'Close' Deluxe, it is the correct version.
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  19. It was the version used for the album.
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