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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. They really said


    This looks incredible! Take my money!
  2. Bar the obvious omission and a few personal preferences being absent, that Shep Pettibone set looks fantastic and is a brilliant idea.
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  3. That set is worth every penny!!! Especially for the longed for inclusion of the superb So Emotional remix!
  4. Yes, the edits included are deliberate. The Kim Wilde one is not the awful low quality version that was on the 'Close' Deluxe, it is the correct version.
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  5. It was the version used for the album.
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  6. Sounds great, thanks for the heads up!
  7. Just to make people aware, on the Amazon pre-order you have to look for the limited Amazon exclusive signed version but it is there at the same price as the standard.
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  8. I'm not even a big fan of remixes but this is an absolute no brainer. What a set!
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  10. What is the obvious omission for you? At first glance for me it is missing Five Star's The Slightest Touch and Nick Kamen's Each Time You Break My Heart but they are readily available in lots of other places so it will be good to have some of the rarer mixes and edits on this set. I'm thrilled to be getting the Edited Remix of Whitney Houston's So Emotional on CD at long last!
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  11. I think they went with Are You Man Enough as it's more rare, The Slightest Touch is on many 12'' Comps. They are also sequenced especially to flow, so some tracks are chosen for that reason.
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  12. Indeed, no one could quite master a remix, like Shep Pettibone I think. God!
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  13. Does Terence Trent D'Arby have to be credited as Sananda Maitreya to appear on compilations now?
  14. Yes, by law.
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  15. I had to think for a moment who that was!

    I've wanted something like this for years but thought a collection of Shep Pettibone mixes would be a logistical nightmare with all the different labels. So excited for this set!
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  16. Lovely looking set too!
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  17. This looks superb! Do we know if it's coming on streaming?
  18. So, the "West End girls" Mastermix is being properly released on CD after 35 years! It was previously on an obscure Dutch compilation.
  19. No idea as of yet, but hopefully so too.
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